Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

Toronto Maple Leafs (5-5-3, 13 pts) vs Tampa Bay Lightning (7-4-2, 16 pts) @ St. Pete Times Forum on Sportsnet, 7:30 PM ET

Toronto: Jean-Sebastian Giguere (4-3-2, 2.31 GAA)

Tampa Bay: Dan Ellis (3-2-2, 2.46 GAA)

Reason To Watch: I’m going to be honest, other then the Leafs, I don’t watch much Hockey. Since the Leafs have well….been garbage for a while, they’re hardly my preferred viewing. While this year’s edition of the Leafs seems light years ahead of the “Toskala Era”, the other shoe seemed to drop and the Leafs are floundering around to find themselves. For me the Leafs have become the Chicago Cubs of Hockey, at this point we just tune in to see how they can break our hearts next and continue to prove to us that the world just ain’t fair.

Tonight should be fun though, this Steve Stamkos kid is freaking awesome.  The dude is only 20 years old and leads the league in scoring with 22 pts (11 g, 11 a) and he’s a plus +7 this year, so he’s not a being a liability defensively and that’s huge for a young guy.

Toronto’s Nikolai Kulemin is finally start to the develop into the player my buddy Gold showed me four years ago on Youtube. Kulemin has scored in the last three games straight and is showing a strong physical presence. Maybe the Leafs top two lines can both show up on the same night and collectively win one, but who we kiding.

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