Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

Charlotte Bobcats (1-6, 1-3 away) vs Toronto Raptors (1-6, 1-2 home) @ ACC on TSN2, 7:00 PM ET

Line: PK

Total: 195

Reason To Watch: This is an EPIC battle between two NBA powerhouses! It’s hard to even write that with a straight face. While the Raps/Cats game is hardly Celtics/Lakers, Michigan/Ohio St., or Duke/North Carolina, unless you believe last years battle for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference was the best part of last year.

The Raptors are on a soul crushing five game losing streak that could kill the confidence of this team to at least the All Star break, barring a trade. The only solecist the Raps have is that Chris Bosh is already on the hot seat in Miami for his uninspiring play and lack of ability at seven feet tall to grab a rebound.

The Heat have lost confidence in Bosh quickly (evidence of that was last night, the last shot of the game goes to Eddie House, like are you kidding me? 300+ million dollars on the court and you go to Eddie House! paging Pat Riley to the coach’s bench) and the more he brings down Miami, the lower the Heats pick that belongs to Toronto is going to be. To quote Bill Murray from Caddyshack “ So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice”.

Someone to keep an eye on tonight is Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas. Thomas was the drafted in the same year as Andrea Bargnani and like Bargnani he’s been mildly disappointing so far in his four year career. Thomas though has had a bit of a revival under Bobcats coach Larry Brown, while he’s not starting (all star Gerald Wallace starts at SF) Thomas has yet to play over 30 minutes in a game this season, but has scored 10 points or more in five of seven games played. Thomas is also a big factor on the defensive side off the ball averaging 1.6 blocks ( quiet impressive when you only play 21 minutes a night) and 5.4 rebounds a game.

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