Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night- Weekend Preview

Friday Night

Toronto Raptors (1-7,0-4 away) vs Orlando Magic (5-2, 4-1 away) @ Amway Center on TSN2, 7:00 PM ET

Line: -14

Total: 199.5

Reason To Watch: The Raptors gotta be due right? Unfortunately the Raps have to hope they catch the Magic taking a night off to win this one. Orlando has played great home ball this season, the only loss coming to red-hot Jazz team.

Orlando had held opponents to less than 100 points in all six games to start the season, before the Utah game. The Magic defense anchored by two time NBA Defensive Player of the Year (2009-2010) Dwight Howard are averaging 90.0 points allowed a game.

The Raps have six players scoring over double figures, but the team defense is non-existent allowing 103.8 points a game.

Having watched Wednesday’s game versus the Bobcats, I’m officially an Andrea Bargnani Hater (with a capital H!). With the game in his hands, this goof, literally knocks the ball into Stephan Jackson’s extended arm (He wasn’t even going over the steal) and hands Charlotte the game. What a disgrace, that play pretty much defined his career to me.

Of course Vince Carter is on the Magic still, but he didn’t play with any of the current Raptor squad so there’s no bad blood anymore. Vince is old and on the brink of irrelevance much like cousin McGrady. Eery how they both shined and faded away in the same time.

If this game does not interest you #9 North Carolina (basketball) plays Lipscomb. Where pre season All American Freshman Harrison Barnes debuts tonight.

Saturday Night

Vancouver Canucks (9-4-2, 20 pts) vs Toronto Maple Leafs (5-7-3, 13 pts) @ ACC on CBC, 7:00 PM ET

Reason To Watch: Nazim Kadri, the player known for breaking all of Gretzky’s records. He led the Toronto Maple Leafs to it’s first Stanley cup in 50 years, and it didn’t stop there. After winning their third straight championship, Kadri decided he was bored playing center and became the Bobby Orr of his generation. Hockey Night in Canada co-host Don Cherry was brought to tears on a National broadcast when describing the beauty of Kadri’s play……..

Figured I’d get an early start on this kid’s Hall of Fame speech. Since it’s about as much as a guarantee as this Lotto 649 ticket I bought tonight.

Manny Pacquiao (51-3-2, 38 KOs) vs Antonio Margarito (38-6, 27 KOs) @ Cowboys Stadium on PPV, 9 PM ET

Pacquiao: -450

Margarito: +300

Reason To Watch: Manny Pacquiao tries to do what no man has done before, becoming champion in 6 (or 8) different weight classes, when he fights Margarito on Saturday. Pacquiao is moving up to 150 pounds, the heaviest he’s ever fought at. You also have to question his focus going into this fight. Becoming some kind of elected official in his native Phillippines, plus the fact his isn’t the fight he really wanted (Flyod Mayweather Jr.) this fight may turn out to be a huge upset.

Margarito is back from exile, when he got caught using a plaster on his hand wraps (before he was caught, Margarito used to go by the nickname “Hands of Stone”) in loss to Shane Mosley. If Margarito is really the guy who beat a much bigger and tougher Miguel Cotto, he should handle Pacquiao.


New England Patriots (6-2, 2-2 away) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2, 2-1 home) @ Heinz Field on NBC, 8:20 PM ET

Line: PIT by -4

Total: 45

Reason To Watch: This game will be the best game on Sunday. The Steelers are in a prime position to take over the AFC North with a win on Sunday night.  The Patriots are coming off to an embarrassing road loss to the Cleveland Browns, and have been a different team on the road this year.

The last time these teams played you have to go back to Nov. 30th 2008, Pittsburgh beat New England 33-10 in Foxboro.

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