Star Blogger Rosie Has To Pay Or Go

“That might be a problem as “blogger” has come to be synonymous for bending the rules on sourcing or taking liberties with research. Others complain that bloggers hiding behind anonymity don’t reveal their conflicts or connections to either management or players. Things that would never pass muster with an editor go viral on the internet. ”

Ahhhh yes, the bar was set mighty high for those who write professionally. Either get it right or fork over the $10k bond right?

“Usual Suspects feels that if a blogger wants a place in a press box or dressing room environment there should be something more tangible at stake – say, a bond of $10,000 that a blogger would lose should a court or arbitrator find he or she broke professional standards or libel laws. Such a policy would sort out the valuable from the voluble in short order.”

Me??? My work is shoddy, complete with typos and spelling mistakes. That’s why I rarely leave the basement and certainly with little more than a bathrobe on.

So, what pres tel should the penalty be when mistakes by an MSMer makes things that, god help us an editor would certainly catch????

Exhibit A:

Rosie, I am not sure what section I really belong in so I’ll write useless stories in all DiManno. She the expert on all things sports, except when it comes to ummmm, proper spelling of somewhat well known athletes:

“Before Roger Clemons, before Roy Halliday, there was Pat Hentgen, a key component on the 1993 World Series squad, ’96 Cy Young winner (out-duelling Andy Pettittee of the New York Yankees) and Sporting News Pitcher of the Year.”

Clearly, these are things that a professional writer like Rosie should catch, I mean she gets paid, has access to “pressboxes” and locker rooms right? If not, well then clearly her editors would catch it before it went viral and in print right?????

Today’s must read is from Stephen Brunt. Remember him? He used to be the TOP gun at the Globe who has gone MIA for the longest time. Let’s hope this article on Ron Wilson is a sign that he is back to the old writer we all respected and loved.

Rosie’s article is here, however it has since been fixed long after the fact and ridiculed by her peers on twitter

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