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On Fan 590 Tonight-

– Bob McCown’s co-host from 4:00 to 6:00 is John Shannon
– Michael Grange
– Gord Kirke

On 640 with Bill Hayes and Bill Watters thanks to Mike S.:

– Jim Barker, head coach of the Argos
– Bob McKenzie of TSN on hockey
– Bob β€œThe Bear” Cowan with his NFL picks
– Ron Wilson, head coach of the Leafs
– Darren Dreger of TSN on hockey
– Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette on the Habs

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Ami Angelwings
November 20, 2010 5:35 am

Ugh.,.. I knew Brunt wasn’t gonna be in today, but I was praying it wouldn’t be Shannon to replace him 😐 But even for a show with Shannon… maybe it’s just me, but this seemed liked one of the worst roundtables ever, or at least since I’ve been listening >__<;;; Is Kollins so proud of this bit that he thinks it's a good idea to have it again on his highest rated show!?

On the other hand, all of the shenanigans and NHL sucking up by Kirke and Shannon made Grange seem positively Bruntian (tho he still lacks teh intellectual smexy that Brunt has πŸ˜€ ) and his response to Shannon in the first segment of hour 3 was absolutely amazing. <3

Neways… I guess Brunt's prolly going to be in Edmonton next week, and Shannon kept talking about Monday like he'd be in, so.. ugh πŸ™ I hope that we don't now get 5 weeks of Shannon and he's in for only one week.. :\

Ami Angelwings
November 20, 2010 5:42 am

Dammit, the whole thing didn’t post again >:|

I dun have it saved πŸ™ Basically, I’m just sick of the NHL tree house club mentality and Shannon and Kirke’s constant defenses of them and “Colie” (if I hear an NHL nickname again I think I’ll scream… it’s like they’re kids!) -_- and the whole “he’s a great guy! i know he didn’t mean it” thing.. as if that MATTERS… do they do this in ANY OTHER BUSINESS!? like if an Apple exec gets caught for insider trading do they say “but he’s a great guy and he loves computers and respects computers and wants only the best for computers”?

It’s so gross the amateurish and slapdash way the NHL and it’s NHLites operate and close ranks… >:|

The other thing that was cut out was that… like, I get that the FAN seems to think plumbing the depths as deep as they can is the best way to get ratings, but did they really need to repeat the Krystal “proctology exam” bit on PTS!? Cuz, it was such a good idea the first time…



November 20, 2010 11:27 am

Painful..that’s the only word to describe that Friday roundtable. The only thing to do is to continue to flood Mr Kollins with emails saying “Please stop putting Shannon on the air!” McCown seems like a smart guy, but he clearly doesn’t see that his pal Shannon is an embarassment.
Also, that clip from Krystal’s was brutal and embarassing. WTF are these people thinking?!

November 20, 2010 11:32 am

Couldn’t agree more on ALL of your points Ami. Shannon…I audibly sighed in a depressed manner in the car when I heard his voice.

On the nicknames “Cole-y” is getting really annoying…especially when I thought that the name Colin was actually supposed to be pronounced like “Call-in” and not like the body part (spelled colon) where crap is actually held. WTF?? This seemed to change about 10 years ago when Colin Powell was Chief of Staff and Colin Campbell rose to greater prominence in the NHL. Always a pet peeve of mine.

November 20, 2010 11:37 am

…on the Colin / Colon point…I must have been inspired to rant about it given the embarrasement that was the re-broadcast of the Krystal piece. Kinda symbolic of how long-time listeners are feeling listening to the “new” Fan. πŸ™

November 20, 2010 3:11 pm

Great comments guys, not even sure where to start. First it seems like Krystal is McCown pal. Wasn’t Krystal on during the first segment during the week. There’s a bit of cross-promotion of Krystal on his show. This week Krystal was on PTS with what seems like a pointless segment about complaining about Quebec and I guess the money that might be given for a stadium (yet I don’t hear McCown complain about his CFL pals asking for some money for a Grey Cup century weekend party)

It kind of gets me that Krystal does segment on PTS, but McCown doesn’t give Brady the time of day, it seems like he doesn’t even want to mention his name. I remember a couple of stuff Brady was in the front to talk about (MLSE trying to find a replacement for Peddie and this Campbell story) at least Brunt does give credit to Brady on those stories when they talked about this afterwards during the week.

About this Campbell story, congrads to Brady for being the first mainstreamer talking about and giving credit to the blog the did a lot of leg work on it. McCown said he knew about it weeks back (but never bothered to run with it) Blair talked about it too. Grange is the only person on the roundtable that gets it, his comment was this attitude in the NHL and the people covering it gives it such a third rate operation.

All these nicknames and “Good guy” and “Of course family member will react like that watching a game” excuses is what makes me think that media that covers hockey needed new blood. Too much pals and connections between people in charge and people covering it. Thank goodness for people like Brady, Blair and Grange who are willing to call people out on it.

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