Krystal, Berger & Dowbiggin Talk Burke

It’s funny how things seem to happen while I am away. This is just but one of the things I have had people ask me to chime in on, so here we go.

Andrew Krystal took to the air last week, to discuss with Howard Berger and then a sports psychologist Brian Burke and his grieving. Specifically, Krystal asked whether or not people (and I think by people what Krystal really meant was the sports media) should avoid criticizing Burke due to the fact that Burke tragically lost his son Brendan in a horrific car accident last year. The argument was, in essence that none of us know what it’s like to walk in Burke’s shoes and therefore those who are in the business of being critics should take the unfortunate death of his son into consideration before doing so.

Bruce Dowbiggin outlined the story in column after the blog and on air comments.

Here is a loose version of what Krystal had to say:

AK: I believe the media should back off Brian Burke- he’s a winner and he’s under a lot of stress. Should the media back off? Burke has had tragedy in his life and imagine if you had people who were paid a lot of money to talk about everything you do, wouldn’t that be a pain in the ass to deal with under normal circumstances let alone under these circumstances.

If you had a tragedy in your life- I look at Brian Burke as the maple leaf king. Brian Burke is the most important sports figure in the city. I think what’s happened to him, where he lost his son, I have a problem being part of the sports media, tearing a strip off the guy, he’s done a lot of good, my problem as a person following the sport and talking to you about it every morning – because of the guy he is, he is a decent guy, he has had a really tough time – at a point you want to separate what you do for a job and what someone is as a person. Is it time for the media to back off Brian Burke? I know he seeks the attention, maybe you can say I am going soft.

I talked to Berger about this, look what hes going there, i don’t think any of us can understand unless you go through it, is there a grieving distraction with Brian Burke? how can you perform with a devastating loss like Burke has gone through.

This is a guy who I am going to have a tough time criticizing because he’s a good guy and what he’s going through. He has a tough job here in Toronto, and should we cut him some slack? Maybe the media should back off.

Berger: no , media shouldn’t cut him any slack- it’s the way he wants it and he has been very busy.

AK: it’s been said to me confidentially and publicly that the Toronto Maple Leafs GM is not fully there.(implying that Burke’s head just isn’t into it as a result of the loss)

AK: Let’s face it, we are talking about Leafs Nation, a term that I coined

I am thinking that given what’s happened to him, and that he’s a winner, should we back off this fella?

I’ve had the question raised to me, or I’m watching tv and I’m thinking about this man, how can i criticize him? I like him and he’s gone through a big loss and I feel badly, and I am asking you should I go easy on him?

AK then opened it up to callers, here is one of the real classy ones:

caller: what about the family who is grieving because their mother didn’t get the job because Burke’s wife did??

Then AK brought on Dr. Todd Kays, a sports psychologist to talk about the grief that Burke must be suffering:

Dr. Todd Kays- losing a son or daughter is the hardest event in a persons life because it’s out of the natural order. It does absolutely effect everybody. However, we all have a different grieving process. Each person has to dictate for themselves, what is going to be best for them, how they are going to cope, having the support around them helps. It’s a one day at a time.

AK to the Dr.: Is there a media code of conduct- how do you approach people dealing with loss?

The Dr.: It is tough, have to get back to your work, maybe your performance isn’t your best, but that’s part of the territory and those who are grieving are going to have to focus and realize that there are people depending on them. With the media I think there is an ethical obligation to respect the wishes of the grieving person with regards to asking about it. (the suggestion is that if a grieving person says to the media I don’t want to talk about this, the media should stop prying). The biggest problem for those grieving is that life goes on after the loss.

Here are some “clips” from Berger’s blog that apparently lead to Krystals comments:

“As I left the conference room and walked back to the main practice rink, I reminded myself of how difficult a year this has been for Burke. We talk and think about him almost solely in terms of his job with the Maple Leafs, and that is clearly the way he wants it. But, I believe it is critical not to forget – particularly at a time when so much angst and emotion is being spent on the hockey club – that Brian is still very much in the grieving process for his son, Brendan, who was killed in an automobile accident just more than nine months ago.”

“What I think we have to remember, more often, is that Brian is a human being and grieving father… as well as the proprietor of the NHL’s most widely-followed team. And we should remember it in that order.

These are challenging times for double-B, given his personal misfortune and the continued plight of the Maple Leafs. Rabid hockey fans in this area want results, and they aren’t reacting kindly to Burke with his team plummeting in the NHL standings. The accompanying strain was unmistakable in his voice and appearance earlier today. Brian has talked boldly about the Leafs from the moment he assumed the GM’s role almost two years ago. His walk hasn’t matched the talk. He knows it; he’s feeling it, and he’s not running from it.

Still, it’s important to occasionally consider the real pain that is never far from the surface with Brian… a heartache that no person should have to endure.”

Here is the snip from Dowbiggin’s column:

“But what happens when someone loses a close family member? Should the media leaven their criticism of Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke, whose son, Brendan, was killed in an automobile accident this year?

With the Maple Leafs floundering, it’s hard not to find fault – okay, a lot of fault – with the lack of progress since Burke grabbed the wheel. But The Fan 590’s Howard Berger has blogged that Burke’s heart doesn’t seem in his work since his son’s death, a suggestion Burke rejects.

So should media mitigate the barbs? Thursday on Andrew Krystal in the Morning on The Fan in Toronto, Krystal interviewed Todd Kays, co-author of Sports Psychology for Dummies. Krystal confessed he was having a hard time dissing Burke in light of his grief. So what’s a talking head supposed to do?”

So, given all the evidence here are my 2 cents:

Howard Berger’s column seems pretty harmless. I think it’s rather inane, but whatever. My take away from it is quite simple- shouldn’t the media, or anyone else commenting on someone not make that attack personal? Berger says we have to remember what Burke is going through. The implication is that before we rip him we need to remember. My gut tells me that Brian would prefer to be ripped for something he did irrespective of his state of mind. I don’t understand why it has to become personal under any circumstance.

Lots of commentators have questioned the Kessel deal. It’s mentioned all the time in an evaluation of the Leafs and of Burke’s tenure with the team. Nothing wrong with being critical. Nothing wrong with saying you think Burke made a mistake. Does it have to become a personal attack?

The point I don’t get with Krystal is why he even started talking about this topic at all. With the exception of saying that he has been told that Burke’s acting like he isn’t in to it anymore, he doesn’t say anything overly offensive. He suggests that people back off Burke. I don’t get why Krystal would even start down the path. It seems like this is a non story and instead of leaving it alone, he turned the tragic death of someones son into a story needlessly. Unfortunately, to me anyways it seems like a petty way to try to get people talking and as a result drum up ratings. I only mentioned one caller above, but isn’t that the type of comments Krystal solicits when he opens up the phone lines on subjects like this? Isn’t that the underlying intent?

As I have written and said before, we accept that people go on the radio and say things that they don’t necessarily believe in attempt to get a reaction. For the most part it’s pretty innocent stuff. I am not suggesting that Krystal doesn’t believe that people should lay off Burke, but this whole thing comes off to me as contrived and the chosen subject matter isn’t one I would have chosen.

Calling Tiger Woods former wife names, is one thing. It was topical and it was certainly said to get a response, however no one was hurt, certainly not in this market anyway. The death of the son of the “most important sports figure in the city”, should be off limits with respect to things done to get a response shouldn’t it? Why go there? The worst part to me is that Krystal (with that one exception) defends Burke. The problem is that he appears to be using him too.

This was an odd article coming from Dowbiggin, don’t you think? There were so many things going on in the business and yet he chose to discuss this one.. very odd if you ask me.

“We’ll have to see how much oxygen he gets from Krystal, who has a physical reaction any time a guest talks for more than 10 seconds.

Also at The Fan, Globe and Mail columnist Jeff Blair has been given a three-year deal to be host of the 9 a.m. through noon (Eastern) slot. Quite a vote of confidence for someone who’s never been a radio host before.”

The “he” mentioned above in the first sentence is Jeremy Roenick. The odd thing about the comment is that Dowbiggin has what seems like a regular date with Krystal on the air. I don’t know how you make these types of comments while reappearing on the guys show all the time. With friends like that….

With regards to the 2nd comment, the one about Blair, two thoughts. First, it seems odd to me that Blair apparently has a longer contract than I am told Krystal does. Second, again, it seems like there are sour grapes here. Dowbiggin it seems really wants to be part of the action in places like the fan. He is a regular guest on the station. Yet he also makes comments like the one above. How, as the saying go can one suck and blow at the same time?

More than a couple of media folk have asked me how a guy who is constantly on radio and tv also acts a media critic. If your a media critic, then how do you do appearances like this one

The Krystal hour in question is here

Berger’s blog is here

Dowbiggin’s article is here

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November 23, 2010 6:53 am

Sorry, but we all have to deal with personal tragedies. If Burke can’t do his job because of it then he should step down. Shall I use the death of my mother when I was 9 as an excuse for my current malaise at work? Umm…no.

Having said that, what the frig is this even being brought up for? Sounds like Krystal had nothing else to talk about.

Rob C
Rob C
November 23, 2010 7:23 am

These are the 3 members of the media that I have no use for at all. Krystal is weak – both as a host and his sports knowledge is too limited to even be called a sports fan let alone a host on all sports radio. Berger is not taken seriously by the Leafs and never has been. He acts like he “knows” hockey, he is light and he’s been doing that entry level reporter’s job at the FAN for how long?

Dowbiggin is the worst of the 3 – I can’t believe what I am reading most of the time. I posted this on his column – his content is either made up, overexaggerated, or just plain wrong (and it’s often “borrowed” as this blogger knows too well) . He lacks proper research in his work constantly.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
November 23, 2010 8:45 am

i can’t imagine Burke admitting or acknowledging his own mistakes even under ideal circumstances, so it is unsurprising to me that he would brush off any suggestion that his job performance has been affected by his loss. Burke is not, however, the best judge of his own capabilities. Christmas is going to be a brutal time for him and his family. I wish them the best.

TSM is 100% correct when he notes that it is hypocritical of Krystal to make the topic of his show whether or not the media should focus on Burke’s loss. If Krystal truly felt that Burke deserved more privacy than he is getting, then he wouldn’t open up the phone lines to talk about it. what a self serving weasel.

the Globe clearly has an idiosyncratic understanding of the term “conflict of interest”. I can’t wait for Torchy and the Watcher to start teaching classes on journalistic ethics.

November 23, 2010 8:59 am

Well, to be fair, Krystal, in talking to Kays also brought up Luke Richardson’s daughter who had recently committed suicide. Which is both topical and relatable to those who have experienced loss in their life.

Personally, I found the interview with Kays to be worth listening to and talking about because the idea of one struggling with having to be critical of somebody who’s grieving and furthermore being in a competitive environment while grieving are thought provoking topics. To me anyway. I don’t think it was quite as contrived as you make it out to be as there appeared to be a little bit of realness to what Krystal was saying.

Having said that, as a radio host myself (albeit in a market far, far, faaaaaaaaaaar away from Toronto, like not even one/tenth as important) I listened to podcasts of both days with Krystal and kept thinking that there’s no way I could have broached this subject without feeling awkward about it. Especially to go as far as taking calls on the issue. That seemed, in my eyes to almost to diminish the point that Krystal that was making.

Al Borland
Al Borland
November 23, 2010 9:33 am

Jeff Blair a three year contract??
Ahh ummm,err aaa I guess Kooky Kollins thinks he his
a drastic improvement over Mike Hogan.

Steve from Waterloo
Steve from Waterloo
November 23, 2010 10:24 am

Having lost my dad this year, there is little doubt in my mind that Burke is not operating at 100%, and I am sure he struggles. That’s what he has a management team for…I forgot about Krystal. Amazing how quickly my listening habits changed once he took over. I don’t even put the FAN590 on in the early AM’s anymore – can’t stand how juvenile and contrived this guy is.

November 23, 2010 11:10 am

I don’t have any strong feelings towards Blair one way or the other, and that’s not exactly a good thing. I find him somewhat mechanical and pedestrian and don’t see the reason for a three year contract.

Maybe its my bias as I am a part time broadcaster, but I don’t like the trend towards newspaper guys and others getting plum on-air positions.

I know that credibility means a lot and guys like Blair and Shannon carry a lot because of their past work, but I’d hate to be a guy who is trying to make it in the sports radio business.

The Historic
The Historic
November 23, 2010 11:17 am

I heard some of the discussion regarding Brian Burke’s situation on the Fan that morning and frankly, it sounded just like EVERY other topic on the morning show since Krystal’s arrival. Gibberish. Unintelligible commentary.

I think it’s been proven more times than not that Andrew Krystal is not a good sports-talk radio broadcaster (I cannot comment on his abilities as a talk radio broadcaster as I have not heard him in that context); not a good “blogger”; a complete sycophant (listen to his show the morning after he was with Paul Beeston at the Leafs game or his constant worship of Bob McCown); and based on his choice of topics and expressions of opinion, doesn’t appear to be a particularly intelligent individual either.

It’s been said on this site many times and I reiterate. The Fan590 has made a massive error in judgment regarding their morning show and the ratings will show it.

November 23, 2010 12:57 pm

One thing about this that is perhaps ironic or amusing, is that this week Krystal has been spouting off (in the very short time I have listened) about how Burke is now, in essence, “blamable” for the Leafs’ situation.

He switched completely from pro- to anti-Burke, and was adamant even against his hero JR about it. Weird but not unexpected from him.

Oh and so I think I can sum up the difference between AK and Bobcat in this seemingly insignificant ‘little thing’:

Krystal cuts off any thoughtful or insightful callers, experts, etc without a word of thanks or even notifying anyone of it. However if a loud, obnoxious, idiotic ape of a caller starts shouting nonsense, they can be sure of a long conversation.

Bob is the inverse of this. He is generally respectful and patient with anyone on his show, even people with obviously subpar intellect. The only ones that truly draw his anger are morons who usually are proven liars, obnoxious brats, or complete boobs.

When I thought about this, it really epitomized how awful Krystal is for me. But I also realize that there is probably a sizable demographic of the ‘boobs’ I spoke of above, and that Krystal *does* cater to them.

The one thing that makes Krystal somewhat bearable is when he is paired with JR. As many suspected, with a true sports (well, hockey) guy with him, he is much better. Not only is he complemented very well by JR’s insight, but JR may be the ONE person who Krystal loves/respects/worships/mancrushes on enough that he can rein him in. There is a noticeable difference between normal AK and AK with someone who can effectively shoot him down and stop him from being an utter bonehead.

November 23, 2010 1:14 pm

“Sorry, but we all have to deal with personal tragedies. If Burke can’t do his job because of it then he should step down. Shall I use the death of my mother when I was 9 as an excuse for my current malaise at work? Umm…no.”

Saying Burke should step down if he can’t do his job is fair. But it’s crass of you to talk about a man losing his son in such a flippant and dismissive way. Even if this is the internet.

We all have to deal with personal tragedies? Yeah. But not many of us just had a son die, while being under scrutiny in the most intense hockey market in the world (probably). It would be infuriating to have your grief analyzed like this. I would think it would take a pretty minimal level of compassion to see that would be different than having a parent passing away when you were a child (I’ve had a parent pass away too FYI).

Besides – there’s no real proof that Burke’s tragedy has stopped him from doing his job properly.

Steve from Waterloo
Steve from Waterloo
November 23, 2010 1:22 pm

Steve Simmons claims in today’s Sun that B. Burke has stopped speaking to the FAN 590. I am sure it is related.

As an aside, after listening to one of Krystal’s interviews last week (briefly!) I wondered why anyone would go on with him a second time.

Here’s betting there is more call in “trade Brent for Richards” content and less “insider” types moving forward.

November 23, 2010 1:24 pm

I have to say – I was pleased about the Blair news. He started off pretty rough (and still is sometimes), but I really enjoy his insights. With baseball, in particular, he might be the most plugged in media member in Toronto. I think as he gets more experience he’ll smooth out the broadcasting kinks.

I still think he could use a cohost, but I’m enjoying his show and I do find it to be an upgrade over Hogan.

As for Krystal – he can be annoying. He interrupts too much, and he doesn’t know enough about sports.

Having said all that – I feel he’s an improvement over Stellick and Landry. I find Krystal at least somewhat entertaining and I occasionally tune in. By the end, I stopped listening to S + L completely. I found it to be pretty painful.

So – for the two AM shows, I certainly don’t think they’re perfect, but I do actually prefer them to what was there before.

November 23, 2010 2:26 pm

To be honest, I think the only things I really miss from The Fan of a year ago that are no longer here are 1) Jack Armstrong and 2) Having something in the 6 o’clock hour. Before the changes, I was really only listening to PTS. I also enjoyed Jays pbp and the Gameplan (but the hosts were away half the time).

Hogan and Stellick are good, and I’d like to hear them back in some capacity, but I think their morning shows were in need of a change.

November 23, 2010 3:40 pm

Don Landry was the worst ever!! There is nobody even close, well, except for that moron Krystal. Hmmmm, ladies and gentlemen, the fan 590. Good times.

November 23, 2010 4:32 pm

Just noticed (thanks to a poster here) that Burke is no longer talking to the fan according to Simmons. I suspect his disenchantment started with comments by Perkins and finished with Krystal’s latest misadventures. There is a great letter in the globe over the weekend from Katie Burke – if you haven’t read it here is the link –

I have not been nor am I fan of the new Fan. If it is convenient or having nothing else to do – I now only listen to PTS and will stay tuned in if I like the segment – which is usually most often with McCowan by himself or almost always with Brunt. Given the anecdotal evidence from this site and others, the new direction has driven away a fair bit of their audience, like me – so I suspect it was only a matter of time before they did the same with guests.

As for Blair getting this 3 year contract – hopefully by then he will be able to string a sentence together without the multiple filled pauses and unbearable angst as if it is beyond painful to fully formulate a thought prior to opening his mouth.

November 23, 2010 5:01 pm

I am sure Brian Burke does not want anybody to use the death of his son as a reason to hold back any criticism of his work.And the fact that an idiot like Krystal would bring it up does not surprise me.A wanna be shock jock has crossed the line with this comment.The funny thing is the more he throws out these stupid comments the less chance that i will ever listen to him!Maybe a change was needed but Kyrstal is not the answers atleast in my books!
And as another reader pointed out Brian Burke’s daughters response is a great read and right on point!Work is work and personal life should really be left that way!

Chris F.
Chris F.
November 23, 2010 6:33 pm

I’m late to the party on this one but I heard that entire Krystal weirdness regarding Burke’s son and not having the same fire he used to have……Jeez talk about a cheap way to get conversation going and at times I felt Berger felt a bit uncomfortable as the interview went along.

Krystal is a smart man (I think) but he has a penchant for making some of the most insane and stupid remarks i’ve ever heard on the radio from a host who should know better. His interviews are used as his bully pulpit and even when he’s having conversation with Dunleavy or anyone else it ALWAYS has to be him giving his take without any kind of back and forth.

It’s like he’s doing a bizarre bad impression of Bob McCown circa 15 years ago.

I’m happy to hear about Blair as he’s gotten a lot better and he has earned that 3 year deal IMO.

As for what I miss with this new format? I miss having more interviews with insiders and i’m finding that the commercial breaks are far longer than they used to be. I could listen to a 8 minute bit of 640 and not miss any content on The Fan. Is this really a way to keep the listener tuned in?

November 23, 2010 7:15 pm

Someone please explain to me how Blair is better than Hogan? Blair is sometimes very painful to listen to

Ami Angelwings
November 23, 2010 8:55 pm

Congratulations to Blair and his new contract 🙂 In this economy and with the newspaper business the way it is, it’s always good when sports media ppl can find stable work elsewhere 🙂 (says future wannabe sports media person >_>)

Having said that, I’m surprised they signed him up so soon given that his show hasn’t even gone for half a year yet… I guess their thinking is even if that doesn’t work out, he still is a decent fill in for Bob and he can do other things too (maybe something with Wilner in the summer? 😮 )

But honestly, my first thought when I saw that was the Fan is starting to remind me of certain Toronto sports teams in the past under certain GMs, kinda directionless and anybody who shows a half decent performance in a few games gets a 3+ deal… 😐 I like Blair tho (in terms of his personal opinions and how he stands up for PoC and queer ppl, much more than others are willing to, but as on air, his constant sighing makes it hard for me to listen to him for long periods 🙁 ) 🙂 I’m just surprised they didn’t wait on his show a little more 😮

Ami Angelwings
November 23, 2010 9:04 pm

I feel like that Krystal isn’t being allowed to be himself.. or maybe that truly IS himself… I have no idea… but sometimes, when he’s talking about stuff and it feels like he’s off gimmick (like when he was talking about new media and twitter, etc re: Damien’s tweet about Burns being dead) you can see the intelligence there and he rly can parse and break things down. Just like that morning the Chilean miners were rescued, he did an amazing job there too I thought and was very respectful and putting things into context.

And then there’s the colonoscopy -_-;; And his hanging up on MacLean (and yeah.. I dun like MacLean as a guest either, but… ) and his joke about the boat refugees -_-;; and… well… EVERYTHING ELSE

And I dunno if that rly IS what he likes to do, or if that’s what management thinks he SHOULD be doing cuz he has this reputation of being edgy and jerky and “politically incorrect” and etc etc (why is it whenever a radio host is introduced as “controversial” they end up saying the same old things that every other “controversial” host does? racism, sexism, off colour jokes… rah rah maple leafs)

And the thing about Burke… was disrespectful. :\ Not that I think we can’t talk about certain topics, I just dun see the point in doing that. :\ We KNOW he’s grieving, we KNOW he’s stressed, and we also KNOW that he doesn’t want pity and what type of person he is. And it rly felt like Krystal was just using the unfortunate passing of Brandon, not cuz he even thought we SHOULD back off on Burke, but just to be “controversial” and get ratings, and it looks like it’s backfired. Even if you were discussing it in a “positive” way (i.e. leave him alone, he’s been through so much vs he should get over it and stop making bad trades or w/e) , it still comes off as gimmicky and it’s STILL BRINGING UP THE TRAGEDY AGAIN.

I wouldn’t want to go on the Fan again if I was Burke either >:|

And Dowbiggen needs to decide whether he’s working for the Fan or a fair critic of all sports TV and radio in Toronto… is he being paid for his appearances?

Ami Angelwings
November 23, 2010 9:10 pm

@Daniel – exactly, the only reason we’re talking about whether the death of Brandon is affecting Burke’s GMing and what should be done about it, is b/c the FAN made it up as an issue with the Krystal thing (and Dowbiggen gave them free advertising for it on the Globe -_-) There’s been no reports that it’s been an issue, no articles that say “Maple Leafs executive A has told the Star that GM Brian Burke is prone to breaking down during meetings” or anything substantial like that. It’s something the FAN cooked up cuz they thought it’d be a great one-shot gimmick… and I think if ppl think that that was disrespectful of them, it’d behoove us to not indulge this topic and give the FAN further credence without anything substantial to back it up. >:|

November 24, 2010 6:54 am

Daniel said…”Saying Burke should step down if he can’t do his job is fair. But it’s crass of you to talk about a man losing his son in such a flippant and dismissive way. Even if this is the internet.

We all have to deal with personal tragedies? Yeah. But not many of us just had a son die, while being under scrutiny in the most intense hockey market in the world (probably). It would be infuriating to have your grief analyzed like this. I would think it would take a pretty minimal level of compassion to see that would be different than having a parent passing away when you were a child (I’ve had a parent pass away too FYI).”

How am I crass or dismissive? I wasn’t the one bringing this into question. Krystal is trying to tell us that we should give Burke a break because of his loss. All I am saying is that if he IS NOT doing a proper job because of this, then he should step down. I used myself as an example to simply say that my employers wouldn’t sit back and watch me do a crap job and excuse it because of a personal tragedy.

Mike S
Mike S
November 24, 2010 10:17 am

When Burke was GM of the Canucks he had a running feud with TEAM 1040 (specifically David Pratt) so if he is boycotting 590 these days I am not all that surprised.

If it is true that Blair has a new 3 year contract then it is a peculiar move……………as far as I know he has no broadcaster training, he has very little experience, and his show has only been on for a couple of months……… year in radio is an eternity so a 3 year contact doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I was under the impression that Kollins wanted to go aftter a younger audience………….but Blair is over 50 years old and his favourite sports (baseball, soccer, Formula 1 auto racing, etc) don’t have as much appeal with the younder crowd that some other sports have…………UFC is big with young people right now and Blair trashes it every chance he gets.

Maybe Blair’s new contract will add some stability……….that timeslot has had 5 different names (Bullpen, Mike Hogan Show, FAN Mid-Morning Show, Eric Smith Show, Jeff Blair Show) in the last 8 months or so

November 24, 2010 2:45 pm

Dave – I read it as unnecessarily unsympathetic. Maybe I misread your intention.

Mike S – Blair is older, but I think his analysis might skew younger. He veers heavily away from the old school analysis of ‘does a player have heart, grit or is he clutch’ and has more of a stats oriented, ‘no BS’ approach.

Unlike a lot of older guys, he also is pretty plugged into twitter and the blogosphere. Much more similar to Brady or Arthur than, say, McCown or Watters in that regard.

November 29, 2010 4:14 pm

Just to give you guys some context, I am 21 and I hate Krystal more than anything, worst broadcaster I have ever heard by far.

And I listen to Bob religiously, as well as Hockey Central. Love Mac and Kipper as well as Brady, although I don’t understand their seeming lack of respect for him (especially Mac).

Blair is better than Hogan for one reason: Insight. Don’t listen daily but don’t mind his shows and find that with a good topic he is great.

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