Cabbie Out – More Changes At The Score

Cabral “Cabbie” Richards has left the building. Yes, Cabbie on the street is now on the endangered list at the Score as the changes just keep on rolling at the network. We’re told Cabbie has decided to leave the Score on his own.

This has to be a big loss for the folks at the Score. They promote the show as “Cabbie on the Street has become The Score’s most recognized program.”

When Steve Kouleas left The Score, Dowbiggin wrote:

“The evolution of The Score Network from a hard-core sports highlight provider to … well, something else, was confirmed this past week with the departure of Steve Kouleas, the network’s face of hockey the past 13 years. The 42-year-old and the network mutually agreed to see Kouleas and his high-energy style move on to new opportunities.”

So with Kouleas gone and now, Cabbie (The Score’s most recognized program) in addition to some key behind the scenes personnel, one has to come to the conclusion that things are either in flux or transition at the network.

Personally it’s hard to figure the Score out. From where I sit, and my office is really close to theirs, it seems they are hell bent on some sort of digital strategy. They have a great app in the market but little else to support it. Having the app is good (and their’s is awesome) but you can’t keep letting talent walk out the door and not replace it.

I don’t know their official demographic but they seem to be very popular with a younger group, the type that are active in social media. That’s great. However at the end of the day, they still remain a television network. TSN and Sportsnet are becoming more and more similar with each and every day. There is an opportunity for different, a space between rogers10 and the two market leaders. For whatever reason it just seems that the Score can’t seem to get there.

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