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With today being Turkey day down south, it’s a sports fan dream weekend. Three NFL games, two NBA games and one hockey game on tonight. Tomorrow though, the NHL is on all day with a 12 o’clock puck drop between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes.

If I actually worked in an office (instead of the internet’s oldest cliche, in my parents basement) today and the first day of the NCAA tourney are mandatory sick days. Like death and taxes, Sonny wouldn’t be in the office that day.

As I’m writing this the Lions have put in a solid first quarter, and already I’m thinking of ripping up my proline. I usually stick with home teams on short weeks, but the Lions play hard so they can actually pull this off.

New Orleans Saints (7-3, 3-1 away) vs Dallas Cowboys (3-7, 1-4 home) @ Cowboys Stadium on CTV, 4:15 PM ET

Line: NO by 5

Total: 49

Reason To Watch: The Cowboy are coming off back to back wins under new coach Jason Garrett. While “the new coach effect” (when players try to make a good impression in the first couple of games to earn the trust and playing time under a new head coach, usually more effective in MLB, NHL, and NBA where every game doesn’t seem like life and death) might have helped the Cowboys in the last two, well see if they can continue to bring it again. Despite being out of the playoffs the ‘Boys still play a big factor in who’s going to make the playoffs in the NFC and who’s not.

QB Jon Kitna has the ‘Boys offense rolling, coming off two 30+ point games and rookie WR Dez Bryant looks like a young Randy Moss.

The Saints remain in a brutal fight for the NFC South. With Atlanta at 8-2 and Tampa Bay tied with New Orleans at 7-3, today’s game is not walk in the park for the reigning champs. The next three weeks will be huge for the Saints, with winnable games against the Cowboys, Bengals, and Rams, the Saints can lock down a playoff spot.

With RB Reggie Bush,TE Jeremy Shockey and maybe even S Darren Sharper returning, New Orleans is a team to watch out for come playoff time.

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