The Passing Of Jim Kelley

I moved back to Toronto late in 2004. One of the side jobs I took on was helping a friend with some extra legal work and I was asked to work with Jim Kelley.

We used to meet at the Sports Cafe on St. Clair to talk about his career, what was important to him and what he wanted to do in his career. Jim was a nice guy, who loved to tell old war stories and in every session we had he wanted only thing, to be treated fairly.

While I wasn’t a big fan of his work of late in Toronto. I was however a fan of Jim Kelley the person. He was a good guy, who really loved hockey.

I feel badly for his family and his friends. I know that Bob Mccown was close to Jim and I offer him my condolences as well.

Perhaps Jim is sitting with Pat Burns talking about the latest leafs loss.




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