Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

Miami Heat (11-8, 2-5 away) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (7-10, 4-5 away), Quicken Loans Arena on TSN2, 8:00 PM ET

Line: MIA by -5.5

Total: 190

Reason To Watch: The Dishonorable One Returns. I’m sure it’s all love today in Cleveland for LeBron when he walks around, heads to old hang out and eating establishments. But the second those gates open to the “Q” the HATE fest begins. They might as well call this the 2010 Haters Ball, and every time LeBron handles the ball the crowd should just yell “HATE, HATE, HATE”. Maybe, this will cut deeper then typical boos.

Miami’s won three of their last four, but those wins were over the Sixers, Pistons, and Wizards which is about as unimpressive as it gets. The lose was to a good Dallas Mavericks squad, but thats not surprising considering the Heat can’t beat anyone out West (2-3 vs Western Conference).

But, let’s be honest, you’re gonna watch this for the opening ten minutes, maybe the first quarter, to see how Cleveland welcomes LeBron, so what else is on.

Edmonton Oilers (8-12-4, 20 pts) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (8-11-4, 20 pts) ACC on LeafsTV, 7:00 PM ET

Reason To Watch: I turned the game off against Tampa with 10 seconds left thinking well I guess I was way off on Tuesday. Only to change the channel back 10 minutes later to see a replay of Simon Gagne scoring a goal and being stormed by his teammates. In which I then began to laugh my ass off on how bad “the Scared Giraffe” is. The only thing Gustavsson is a “Monster” in is letting in shitty goals.

Think about how bad this team would be without Francois Beauchemin. That dude is animal.

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