A Maple Leaf Fan In Rough Shape

I lived in South Florida from 1997 to 2000 while attending law school. At that time there was but one all sports radio station, WQAM. Amongst other things, WQAM was the home of the Dolphins and yes, the Florida Panthers who got not much love from either the sports fans or the media.

There were a few who talked a lot of hockey, Randy Moller, Dennis Potvin on the hockey side, a guy who’s name escapes me used to talk sports betting from an offshore casino and Steve Goldberg were the main hockey guys.

There was one guy, who wasn’t a “sports guy” per se who not only talked hockey, but Toronto Maple Leafs hockey. He had a morning show that was “offensive”. He crossed every line imaginable. The only thing that could be said about him is that he was an equal offender. He ripped on everyone. Every religion (I’m pretty sure he was Jewish- but he ripped on Jews along with everyone else). He ripped hispanics, cubans, whites… He ripped on gays, lesbians and straights- in the most offensive ways imaginable.

The guys name is Neil Rogers. Rogers was in a word hilarious. As long as u could accept the fact he was going to rip everyone he was always good for a laugh. He talked hockey all the time. He talked Panthers hockey and Leafs hockey. As a hockey fan in a non traditional hockey market it was great to hear a leaf fan talking hockey. Many toronto fans used to call in when he was available on the internet.

I was fortunate enough to have access to panthers tickets and used to see him at games all the time. He wore a leafs jersey to many. He rarely missed a leafs panthers tilt.

Today the Florida Sun Sentinel is reporting that Rogers has been moved to hospice.

Its really too bad. Rogers spent a lot of time here in Toronto, in Florida and in Amsterdam. As offensive as he was on air, I just got the sense he was a good guy.

Neil, I loved listening to you when I was down there. I hope you get through this with as little pain as possible. Its too bad we didn’t get to see the buds get back to the promise land sooner.

For those curious about the legend Neil Rogers, google him, you’ll find a ton of material. If you don’t let me know and ill post what I can dig up.



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