Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night


Indianapolis Colts (6-6, 2-4 away) vs Tennessee Titans (5-7, 2-4 home) @ LP Field on Sportsnet, 8:20 PM ET

Line: IND by 4

Total: 45

Reason To Watch: When a player as great as Peyton Manning is, is struggling like he has, it creates a certain drama that Colts games have lacked for a decade. While Peyton has pulled disappearing acts before (playoffs and a Super Bowl), nothing like this since his rookie season.

It has to be the team around him, right? With no Dallas Clark Anthony GonzalezAustin Collie or Joseph Addai, you can not expect this guy to make miracles with a glorified UFL offense (with the exception of Jeff Saturday and Reggie Wayne).  With opposing teams now double-teaming Wayne with over-the-top help from a safety, forcing players like Pierre Garcon and Blair White to try and do things on the field that they might not be ready to do or ever be able to do.

While Peyton’s struggles are concerning to Colt’s fans and the organization, there’s no reason to believe that with a healthy off season and a talent influx, this teams hum dinging back to 13-3, 14-2 or 15-1 (depending if the NFL adds more games in the next CBA) 

Despite their current three game losing streak the Colts can still make the playoffs, if they winout. Same can’t be said for the Titans, who’s season beats on (without a drummer). Kerry Collins will be under centre for the Titans, so you know you’re either going to see some big touchdowns or some big interceptions. 

One bright spot for the Colts defense, is that Collins is as immoble a quarterback as anyone in the league. Which should help the delepted Colts secondary, allowing Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis to cause a ruckus.  

Colts 36, Titans 21

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