Cabbie Gets Flagged Down

That didn’t take long did it?

Cabral Richards, AKA Cabbie has found a new home:

Cabral Richards makes the move to daytime as a special correspondent for THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW. Cabral (Cabbie) has been working in television since 2001 and is best-known for CABBIE ON THE STREET and CABBIE UNLIMITED on The Score Television Network. Cabral hits the pavement on Marilyn’s behalf to bring the show high quality, interviews, news and even sports while adding little testosterone to the mix, providing viewers with an always entertaining male insight.

“Part of building a team is about finding engaging personalities that our audience will want to invite into their homes every day,” said Nan Row, Executive Producer. “With their exceptional talents, I’m thrilled to welcome all the experts and contributors we’ve chosen and can’t wait until our January launch to introduce them to viewers.”

Joining the team of experts on THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW are Dr. Kymm Feldman (health), Afiya Francisco (fashion), Michelle Mawby (interior design), Nich Montgomery (technology), Lesley Scorgie (finance), and Meghan Telpner (food and nutrition).

In addition to THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW’s team of experts, four regular contributors were chosen from a highly successful open casting call this Fall. From more than 3,500 auditions online and in person, only a handful of candidates snagged the coveted career-making spots. They are fitness fanatic Brent Bishop, caterer La-toya Fagon, family therapist Ashley Howe, beauty specialist Bahar Niramwalla, and landscaper Owen Reeves.

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