Toronto Sports Media Power Rankings – Print

So as the year comes to an end we are going to be awarding the first ever Toronto Sports Media MSMer of the year. As we get to that, I thought it made sense to at least do it properly. So, I polled industry types to come up with the nominees and the eventual winner. What resulted was a monster list of MSMers that I have brought down to a more reasonable list.

Because it is however the holiday season, I thought I would take a couple of days and break the master list down by type of medium and present the TSM Power Rankings by field. Today we look at the top Toronto MSMers in Print as voted on by a collection of fans, media types, advertising gurus and other industry “types”:

First from the Globe and Mail:

Stephen Brunt
Eric Duhatschek
Jeff Blair* Blair is here because he didn’t start his radio gig to recently
David Shoalts
Michael Grange

From the National Post:

Bruce Arthur

From the Toronto Star:

Damien Cox
Richard Griffin
Doug Smith
Kevin McGran

From the Toronto Sun:

Steve Simmons
Bob Elliott

So there is the list as voted on for the MSMer of the year from the print category. Who’s missing, who’s on that shouldn’t be? Personally I was surprised to see the “beat guys” left off of so many lists.

Tomorrow we will do TV



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