Top 10 Toronto Sports MSMers of 2010

Greetings from Orlando, where I’ve served a few days sentence at Disney. I have to tell you that I drove down here and got to spend my first night in Columbus Ohio. Wow! What a great town. I was so impressed. I will definitely be going back. I then drove down to Atlanta. Another really fun city and kids loved it. Only complaint was that the 3 places we stopped for meals didn’t know who the Thrashers were when I asked them to put them on. As for Disney, what a place it is. 2 thoughts, as incredible as this place is, the food is disgusting. At least when you go to a sporting event it is edible. Here it is not only a fortune but also totally disgusting. Secondly, I can’t believe that every washroom only has cold water to wash your hands.

Anyways, we leave Orlando in the AM and head to Fort Lauderdale for the night before boarding a cruise ship for a week.

Random thought for the day, someone wrote a piece earlier in the year where it was said that Bloggers don’t reveal conflicts of interest. Why oh why did a couple of MSMers email me this week asking why that person didn’t reveal a potential (or believed to be ) conflict before writing one recent article. Ahhh yes, things that make me go hmmmmmmm.

Ok, so back to the list. As I said before I actually took the time to poll many of those in the industry to come up with the Toronto Sports Media MSMer of 2010. In getting there I got got a couple of lists, tops in print, television and radio, an overall Top 10 and of course the MSMer of 2010.

Here, in no order are the top 10 Toronto Sports Media MSMers of 2010 (please hold your applause until the end):

Bruce Arthur
Jeff Blair
Stephen Brunt
Damien Cox
James Duthie
Bob Elliott
Elliotte Friedman
Bob McCown
Bob McKenzie
Steve Simmons

The winner will be announced later this week!



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