Toronto Sports Media Game of the Night

#6 Ohio St. Buckeyes (11-1, 3-1 away) vs #8 Arkansas Razorbacks (10-2, 5-1 away) The Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on TSN2, 8:30 PM ET

Line: OSU by 3

Total: 56.5

Reason To Watch:The Sugar Bowl showcases some premier talent this year like Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett and Ohio St. QB Terrell Pryor. Mallett and Pryor are both big boys standing at least 6’6 each, but couldn’t be more different quarterbacks. Mallett, who has a chance go as high as No.5 in the draft this year, is the proto-type QB who has a rifle of an arm in the Drew Bledsoe mold. While Pryor is more the Tim Tebow/Vince Young esque QB.

With all the controversy surrounding Ohio St. after 5 juniors (including Pryor) were caught selling their personal memorabilia for tattoos and whatnot, there have been many distractions for coach Jim Tressell and his football team.

Personally I think the NCAA was way out of line here, those players earned those items and if they want to sell them it’s their choice. The only people who will be effected by their choice to sell their stuff will be them, those players will not be able to show their kids or grand kids what they earned. But that’s not here nor there.

It will be interesting to see how this game effects Pryor, after coming into the year as a preseason Heisman candidate, Terrell had a sub par season by his standards and didn’t turn Ohio St. offence into the juggernaut we’d thought it would be. But a lot can be proven tonight when he goes up a strong SEC defence.

This should be a great game with Ohio State’s one loss coming against a tough Wisconsin team and Arkansas losing to the then No.1 Alabama and eventual No.1 Auburn.

Predictions for 2011

NFL– The Patriots will win the AFC, while the a great game between the Falcons and Packers will determine the NFC champ. Tom Brady will destroy who ever he faces in the Super Bowl, putting him on the NFL Rushmore with Montana and Bradshaw.

NBA– We finally see the LeBron/Kobe final that we wanted for years. The Heat are just awesome right now, and will cruise thru the East eventually beating the battered Celtics in the East finals. The Lakers will shake off the cobwebs at the All Star break and probably have a tough West finals against the Spurs or Mavs. Miami brings home the title in year one and the talks begin about how many.

NHL– The year when Sid the Kid became Sid the Man. enough said, next subject.

MLB– God Knows!

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