Rapping Up The WJC’s

Tough one for Canada tonight. One that will sting for a long time. However I wanted to talk about TSN’s coverage of the tournament. Let’s say this, the lead up, the analysis, the behind the scenes stuff was awesome. The studio stuff is first class. There is no question about that.

There is also no question that the play by play, especially tonight was, well, let’s just say underwhelming. The commentary was beyond weak, to the point of being unlistenable.

As well as TSN does ‘the tournament, the play by play really left a sour taste in my mouth. Pierre Mcguire’s “now you can’t sit back if your canada” comment, was so ridiculous. The only one that was worse was his, “now that’s a special goal” one. Gord Miller was worse in my opinion. You know the really good play by play guys, the ones who say more by saying less, well Miller should take some notes from those guys.

Overall, TSN gets an A+ for the studio guys, the analysis, Duthie and Mckenzie et all. The play by play guys get no better than a C+ from me, more like a solid D. It’s always fun to watch the tournament, TSN does a great job, however they can do better in the play by play department.

Meanwhile, did anyone happen to catch Roberto Alomar on the Fan today with Jeff Blair? What a fantastic interview. Compare that with Alomar and Mccown after the fact and wow did Blair do a great job.

Congrats to Robbie, it’s nice that he goes in with Gillick, I only wish Tom Cheek was getting his recognition too.



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