Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Friday evening. Here are some things that I’ve heard or seen that I thought you’d be interested in.

Changes continue to roll at Sportsnet, this time behind the scenes as Rick Briggs Jude has left the building. He was, I believe Vice President production. Moore and Pelley continue to make over the Rogers empire.

Hats off to Brian Hayes, who paid tribute very nicely to his father Bill while signing off from the Watters show today. The younger Hayes said something to the effect of “if I end up being half the man my father is then I will be very happy”. Well said. Wilbur didn’t have much to say (if anything ) on the subject.

Very quietly, I am told, one Andrew Krystal has allegedly renewed his contract with the Fan 590, re-upping for 3 years. Don Kollins has apparently signed Blair and Krystal to long term deals. Bob Mccown’s deal has to be next on the agenda. Don’t fret sports fans, irrespective of the term, one can easily be replaced (or leave on their own accord). This is especially true when the name of the company paying the bills is Rogers. A Message left for Kollins wasn’t returned.

While the Leafs were pounding the Thrashers did anyone happen to catch Sportsnet’s intermission crew. How awesome was Nick Kypreos’s outfit??!! More importantly was that Cesar Romero playing the part of Bill Watters? Seriously, Watters looked like hell- has he aged 50 years in the last couple of weeks?

Brian Burke was on hockeycentral at noon today. If you only listen to one part, listen towards the interview when Richie Rich Maclean asks Burke a question and then refuses to let Burke answer, instead choosing to interrupt yet again. Burke was clearly not amused, sternly asking Maclean to please let him ANSWER THE QUESTION.

Tomorrow is the official launch of a new sports show in Toronto, The Sports Guys. Adriano Belli of the Argos, Mike Wilner of The Fan, former NHL player/coach Steve Ludzik and football/hockey agent Gil Scott join Perry Lefko and Jim Tatti (YES GUY)- (The Sports Guys).
It’s on www.mtsr.ca and broadcast live at the Texas Longhorn in Mississauga.

Have you guys checked out Quora.com? It’s pretty cool.

More over the weekend.



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