Cesar Takes One On The Chin

Well, Cesar Romero, is no longer a 2 trick pony. The confusion I complained of last night. Watters on Sportsnet tv and on the radio on 640 Toronto running head to head with Sportsnet radio fan 590 Toronto.

How did Rogers deal with the confusion? They apparently told old Cesar that his services on the tv side were no longer needed.

I have to admit I felt badly for Cesar as he made his own announcement on his own radio show. What was really interesting to me was when Cesar told his new “guest” co-host how long he has been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Wilbur said that he has been a loyal Leafs fan since he was a boy. It provided some insight that I hadn’t heard before. Yet it made his perceived utter disdain for the franchise today more perplexing.

Bill Watters inability to move beyond the end of his tenure with the Leafs greatly effects his credibility and therefore his appeal on a television show.

I can’t see how Cesar gets back on tv. I have to think that the sun is starting to set on his radio show too.

Time will tell.



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