Whither Damien Cox

Last night, I sat down to write an article about Damien Cox’s rumoured move to TSN. I wrote the story and was about to publish it, and there was one problem: Damien was all over thestar.com. Something didn’t quite make sense. The more digging I did and the more people I actually spoke with, the more I learned that things were not as they rumoured to be.

I decided to leave the story and see what the day would bring. Better to be right and late as opposed to wrong and first, right?

Here is what I am hearing this afternoon: Damien leaving the Star story doesn’t appear to have any legs. Cox has written for the Toronto Star for 26 years, and it appears that he will remain doing so. Having said that, I am told that there is/are other components to his future. Will it be Sportsnet or TSN? At this point, I am not sure.

All I can say, from everything I have heard, is that he is not quite ready to call it quits at the Star.

I am heading to the Jason Blake tribute tonight at the ACC.

Email or tweet me if you are going to be there. Let’s have a beer.



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