What A Week It’s Been

So, is anyone else head spinning after all the changes in the sports media world? The changes keep rolling in and the intrigue growing with the passing of each and every day.

Let’s look at where things stand:

TSN appears to be ready to launch a full out assault on the sports radio business. First up, it seems will be 1050 Chum here in Toronto. Mike Richards, from the Fan in Calgary, as we told you first here and on twitter, has left that station and will be the lead man on the radio show in the morning. Richards apparently turned down the other Fan, 590 earlier to take the same job there. That has to hurt. You know it does when Mccown takes a shot at you.

Speaking of hurt, Damien Cox (again who we told you first was staying at the Toronto Star and adding Sportsnet duties) was going to be the centerpiece of TSN’s drive home show at one point, left TSN at the altar and is now going to be sitting across from Mccown’s desk as opposed to fighting him on the air. Cox remains at the Star, to be honest, the place where he belongs. TSN radio now needs to find their drive home show personality. Cox was going to be the other bookend to Richards. There’s now a gaping hole at the end of the day slot. Look for it to be filled soon.

The pressure over at the Fan to improve the morning show has to be immense. Pelley is a sports guy. There is little question in my min that his MO is 100% sports oriented. Having Krystal on in the mornings talking sports isn’t cutting it as a sports show. This isn’t a knock on Krystal by the way. Asking him to do a sports show isn’t drawing on his strengths, nor the skills which made him the least bit attractive as a personality. It’s akin to bringing in Howard Stern (no, I am not saying Krystal is Howard Stern) and asking him to do a sports show.

Up the dial, or in between 1050 and 590 is 640 Toronto. They appear to be waving adieu to sports leaving Bill Watters and Brian Hayes in limbo. Hayes by the way is good on the air. I am impressed with him. He knows his stuff and can talk all major sports with ease. Watters I have to believe is done. I would like to think that Hayes finds a gig.

TSN radio needs more than Richards to fill it’s day and there’s a long list of folks who I am sure would love to work opposite the Fan. Names that I am sure are watching with great interest are Norm Rumack, Mike Hogan, Don Landry, Darren Dreger, Bill Hayes, John Derringer, Charles Oakley and more.

The biggest winner in all of this is us, the fans. How often do you get to say that these days?

Speaking of which, am I the only one who really misses the good old fashioned trade rumor? Forget the new each rumor crap. Long gone are the days where we actually heard names possibly moving. We don’t hear crap anymore. Seriously, all these insiders and all we get is radio silence. When is the last time a real trade was made and anyone predicted it? No one, and I mean no one had tonight’s Blue Jays trade on the radar. No one had last years Maple Leafs deals. All these reporters covering all these days and we got nadda. Fascinating now?

If you were TSN, which personality would you run up against PTS? Would it be a big name like Landsberg? Would you try to grab someone like Steve Simmons? Would you try to poach someone from Sportsnet/Fan 590?



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