To Spend Or Not To Spend?

I had this debate yesterday with a friend. The friend made the argument, at least in the first part, that I totally agree with. That is, that the Maple Leafs should start throwing bodies overboard in exchange for picks and prospects. Anyone who isn’t going to be part of the core moving forward is available.

Here is where we disagree. My friend is of the opinion that the leafs can then basically mail it in next year in order to do the rebuild right. That is avoid the temptation of the free agent frenzy this coming summer.

Now, before you shoot me for disagreeing, hear me out. I agree with the premise. Here is the problem that I see the leafs, namely Burke having. Prices for tickets, concessions won’t come down and as a result the market demands that the Leafs spend.

Again, I don’t think it’s the right thing, but I think there is tremendous pressure to spend a much as you can when you clearly charge as much as you can.

Therefore, I don’t see how Burke can sit on the proverbial sidelines this summer.

The question to you is this. Are you okay with prices being left where they are or increasing with the leafs payroll going down to rebuild properly?



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