A Lie Is Only a Lie.

Ahhhhh, J.P. Where for art thou?

I had to laugh this morning at the number of emails and text messages I got that asked for my opinion to the latest column in the Globe and Mail on happenings in sports media.

You know who wrote it? He of the $10,000 bond for bloggers, and who thinks that bloggers needs to identify their biases?

Where to begin?

“In an exclusive interview with Usual Suspects.”

Exclusive? There is now one guy who officially covers sports media for mainstream media Canada, and he is the guy reporting on the story!

Who else would Richards be talking to?  I mean, the author is based in Calgary, he writes for the Globe and Mail, who else is knocking on Richards door to talk to him?

“Bob McCown of FAN 590 has done much good journalism on the Phoenix Coyotes sale. Wednesday was not one of his better days, however.

As has been reported, McCown declared the public bond issue – upon which sale of the Coyotes to Matthew Hulsizer is predicated – to be dead. Only to be told subsequently by NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly that the issue was still alive. (Maybe in the sense Ted Williams’s head is still alive in a cryogenic vault, but nonetheless alive for the moment.)”

The first thing that popped in to my head is, just because the NHL says so, it’s a given that it’s the truth?  How many times has the NHL said something, only to know the exact opposite was true when they said it?

Look, McCown is a better radio host/interviewer than he is journalist.  However, when it comes to these business type issues, I am betting on him as opposed to the edict coming from the league office.

McCown, by the way, opened his show today with a direct response to the Globe comment.  He said the exact same thing.

Usual Suspects continues;

“Everyone can make a mistake jumping the gun (McCown’s soon-to-be co-host Damien Cox can empathize), but it begs the question: How would this play out if TSN Radio was already on the air?”

How great is that jab at Damien Cox?  You remember Damien right?  Yes you do, the guy that the author from the Globe has threatened to sue for defamation!   I mean, come on.  Who was it again that erroneously reported that Damien (may) go to TSN, only to then suggest that it was his very own work that kicked-off the apparent about face?  Uh-huh, that is what I thought.

For those who asked for my comment and/or response, here you go: It’s a joke.

There are a tonne of reasons and ways one could go after McCown.  He’s a big target. (Hello, “Sundin to the Rangers”.)  But this isn’t one of them.

The dig at Damien, however, is a cheap shot from the sidelines, and an attempt to make oneself relevant.  It’s too bad that Zelkovitch isn’t writing at the Star on this stuff anymore.

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