Time To Play Program Director

Word has it that TSN radio is apparently going to launch on my birthday, April 1. We know, or at least we think we do, that Mike Richards will be the morning talk show host from 6-10am. Little else is known right now. So to you my loyal readers I ask you this, if you were the program director at TSN Radio 1050 AM Toronto what would your daily lineup look like?

Let’s lay down some ground rules:

If someone is currently on the Fan 590, let’s assume they are off limits. In other words, don’t say you want Bob Mccown on the drive home show. Same goes for any other radio station in town.

With respect to TSN TV personalities, try to be reasonable, how many of you want to hear Darren Dreger talking Argos football? I don’t know about you, but Darren Millard talking Blue Jays baseball doesn’t excite me either.

Newspaper guys are fair game.

Let’s assume the day goes like this:

6-10am Richards solo or with ____________






Let’s also assume for right now that there are no team rights involved ( in other words, no games on the radio)

Let’s try to keep it civil out there if we can. We are all entitled to our opinions.

I will try to arrange a prize for the one entry who gets closest to the real deal should it actually occur.

I will post my dream lineup in the days ahead.

Thanks for all the well wishes. The knee is healing nicely. Surgery was much better this time.



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February 2, 2011 10:40 pm

6:00 Richards solo
10:00 Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz (2 football guys)
12:00 Hockey Show to rival Hockey Central with rotating cast of Dregger, Mckenzie,Kouleas and Mcquire
1:00 anyone but Jim Rome! Nice spot for Stellick to return to but I doubt it will happen. His best days were on the Big Show in the afternoons.
4:00 I’m going way out here but I think Brian Williams would be awesome in this role. He’s connected, well liked and who is more Canadian than Brian! He would bring instant credibility to the show.
7:00 Norm Rumack! He would come cheap but don’t think TSN would want him promoting Whiskey a go go.

February 2, 2011 11:50 pm

6-10am Mike Richards with Kathryn Humphreys

Jerry Dee and Jim Ralph show
(I love funny and mainly this is a change of pace until noon)

12-1pm REPORTS type of show (hockey season)
Dave Hodge, Bill Watters, and Al Strachan.
what a bitch fest this would be Think about it. This would be one action packed hourand you are not asking too much of an aging but fantastic story telling trio

Jim Rome Show The best in the business, “Have a take and don’t suck”

4-7pm “In the Round” .. yup a complete take off of primetimes the round table.
but in this case, its the same format all that time, give or take a guys absence etc.
We have real good representation from radio, print, and tv.
We give you
Jeff Marek, Steve Simmons and Cabbie
Marek can steer the ship, Simmons will be a good interview/er
and Cabbie brings a younger hipper following and the jocks love him.

Eric Smith Show (very well rounded, great radio voice)

Scotty G.
Scotty G.
February 3, 2011 12:48 am

~~~Can TSN bring Tother back into the fold to fill the whole day? No? OK.~~~

TSN Radio
6-10am Richards solo – Since there isn’t much competition in the market Richards Vs. Krystal would be very interesting.

10am-12pm – I think a Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole could be a great combo here. Funny, get along, and could provide interesting take on sports.

12-1pm – This must be a hockey show. It needs a host (Duthie, Rod Smith or maybe James Cybulski) with a rotation of insiders through the week (McKenzie, McGwire, and Dreger).

1-4pm To me this is filled with hockey, soccer, football, basketball, tennis, baseball(maybe*). The host could vary (Kouleas for hockey, maybe Bryan Mudryk). I also think the Jim Rome Show fits here.

4-7pm – This slot needs every ounce of energy and dedication of resources to even have a chance vs PTS. If TSN is not willing to truly make a push, they are better to throw up some ESPN Radio show.
Who can try to make a push? Get this: Brian Williams. How brilliant would that be? Not many people are as recognized/respected as McCown, but Williams may be one.

7pm+ Some live sports coverage would be good here. Otherwise ESPN Radio shows or highlights from shows.

How cool would it be if programming was highlights from radio shows and interviews from across ESPN’s radio network and create highlights of the best content and interviews from the day. This could also include Bill Simmons work perhaps.

* Will TSN Radio talk Blue Jays baseball or is that off limits?

February 3, 2011 3:24 am

I might be breaking ground rules a bit, but here’s my guess:

6 – 10 Mike Richards
10 – 1 Mike Hogan and Gord Stellick
1 – 4 Onrait and O’Toole
4 -7 Steve Kouleas and Steve Simmons
7+ Bryan Hayes

I could see them trying to work Jim Rome in there. Perhaps Jack Armstrong too. I enjoyed him on The GamePlan.

What I would like to hear:

Focus on Leafs, Jays, Raptors. I don’t want to hear an hour on the Avalanche firing their GM. Also, don’t be a one trick pony like AM 640 and only talk hockey (a large amount of hockey talk is fine, but just have the ability to discuss other stuff too)

I like the guy talk, pop culture stuff that Brady has been doing on The Fan. I would be happy to hear TSN offer some of that.

I would like them to offer interesting counter programming as well. Don’t put a hockey show on at noon against another hockey show. Give me something different than what The Fan is talking about. I’ll most likely be tuning in when The Fan’s topic is boring me. I don’t want to hear the exact same topics when I switch over.

Oh also – offer something compelling in the 6pm hour.

I have to say, I’m really enjoying Blair, Brady and McCown on The Fan, so I’m not expecting to jump ship. But I’ll be interested to hear what they do!

The Meatriarchy
February 3, 2011 8:41 am

Daniel: agree w your sentiment about focusing on local teams. Nothing I hate worse than turning on the radio at noon and hearing them talk to some boring GM from another market that I don’t care about.

I dont’ know if you guys remember but there was a time when MacClean was in Columbus and he was a guest on PTS so often it felt like the blue jackets were a local team. The other was Jay Feaster when he was in Tampa and McCown used to act like they were the best guests evah!!! They were on probably three or four times more than whoever was LEafs GM at the time (atlthoug in fairness JFJ jr was an atrocious interview)

And further to this thought (if anyone at the Fan and the newest iteration of the Team – TSN Radio is reading this) having an interview with some former NHL player (and not a star but a fourth liner) who just signed on as the assistant couach with some ECHL team I have never heard of is a surefire way to get me to change the station. Leafs Lunch was notorious for this.
If you need to back fill a half hour throw it open to the fans for calls.

One more thing TSN radio programmers: if you want to get me to stop hating the FAN and start becoming a devoted listener again just hire Toth, Rumak and Hogan you’ll never get me over to your side of the dial.

I have to say I never thought about Brian Williams as a host of the evening drive but I would definitely listen.

I don’t mind Jim Rome as an option either although his act is wearing a little thin.

The Meatriarchy
February 3, 2011 8:43 am

Oh and in case I wasn’t clear I wasn’t suggesting Rome as the evening drive host – just as an option for the 1-4 slot.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
February 3, 2011 9:18 am

3 points:

1) syndicated american programming during the day would be a huge mistake. this was the TEAM’s mistake. people can already get that via WGR, and during the day people want to hear about local teams. run that stuff overnight.

2) FAN retreads such as Hogan, Stellick and E.Smith would not work except in specialized roles for the CFL, the Leafs, and Raptors. they cannot drive their own shows. TSN cannot launch with a roster of ex-FAN people in prominent roles. Also, TSN needs to be strong on baseball since the Jays have the most momentum of the toronto teams, and there are 162 games to talk about.

3) TSN has a real chance to own the evening time slot. The FAN has never developed a real evening host. Rumack was one-dimensional, Lajoie was and is insipid, and the rest of the C list talent languished in that slot.

I would like to see TSN do what ESPN does on Sundays during the football season and basically do look-ins on all the major events going on. It’s like a sports ticker but on the radio. You need an interesting host and then a network of people you can cut to who can provide updates on games, big stories, injuries, etc. You can work phone calls in as needed.

February 3, 2011 9:27 am

Just wondering, but is there a reason that all of you guys think that there HAS to be a hockey show at noon?

I can’t imagine a sillier idea than trying to match up perfectly against a well established competitor. As a consumer, I would rather have top shows spread throughout the day actually.

No offense to anyone, but I really just wonder is it something to do with demographics and the fact more people listen at lunch?

Or did you all just take the FAN’s format and replace the names? I could see TSN radio going in a very different direction.

I don’t have a full line-up right now, but I will say that putting on Mike Hogan in any capacity is suicide, and having any 2-3 hour program purely about the CFL or even football is suicide.

Whats great about the FAN right now is virtually every show talks about multiple sports at least. For TSN to get me they need to:

Morning – Richards wins me over instantly
Mid-Morning – a more youthful and energetic host, with more positive and comedy-flavored show might do great against Blair (who definitely skews older).
Lunch – would prefer not a HC type show as I don’t think they need to copy the format so strictly
Afternoon – not sure if they should go with someone similar to brady, I think they should flip things and go with someone totally different.
Drive home – to be honest will only listen when Bob/Brunt aren’t on PTS

February 3, 2011 10:13 am

I have to suspect that TSN will be using in-house types whenever possible rather than bringing in old FAN guys. With that in mind…

6-10am Mike Richards
10am-12pm Michael Landsberg
12-1pm Steve Kouleas with Darren Dreger and Matthew Barnaby
1-4pm Steve Kouleas
4-7pm Dave Naylor and Stephen Brunt
7pm+ Rotating co-hosts

Explanation: Landsberg I think will be brought in to make a big splash, but ultimately not be long for the role. First hour with Kouleas will be strictly hockey year-round, but the three solo hours could delve into other sports. Evenings will likely be James Cybulski as a main guy, but with a rotating cast of TSN’s weekend hosts/Toronto reporter-types, Kate Beirness, Bryan Mudryk, Holly Horton, Sara Orlesky…

Of course I could be entirely wrong.

February 3, 2011 10:50 am

10-12: Hogan w Schultz for Football…Armstrong/Rautins for Hoops Season, Scott Ferguson for Baseball season on Fridays

12-1 Kouleas w/McGuire, McKenzie

1-4 Don Landry/ Jack Armstrong

4-7 Wow, tough one…Still think that Watters could do a sidekick thing, but it must be a guy who is not pigeon holed into being a “hockey guy” or “football guy” I’ll go with Strombo as the fantasy pick

7-11Brian Duff/ Brian Hayes (if not on 640) Someone not in the Sports Centre Rotation and with a sense of humour. I would do an “On the Fly” thing like The Score/NHL Network./ESPN NFL Game Day..live look ins on all the games, with the odd interview hear and there

Chris F.
Chris F.
February 3, 2011 11:03 am

After giving this some thought:

6-10: Richards and one of the ladies that work for TSN. I often liked how in the ol’ days when Stellick had The Big Show and Barb Digiulio was on for a full hour most of the time with him. It would also give us a chance to get a sense of the personalities of some of the female on air talent at TSN the way we seem to know what the guys are like.

10-12: Hogan and Shultz. Football is pretty much a 365 day a year game these days what with college and pro (on both sides of the border) Perhaps to keep things fresh you could have Dutchie in from Monday-Thursday as Hogan’s co-host.

12-1: Some kind of hockey show Steve Kouleas and Dreger/McKenzie could work.

1-4: This is probably the hardest time slot to program so I suspect it’ll be some kind of American programming but i’d advise against it. Onrait and O’Toole get on my nerves at times but they have good chemistry and have a ton of energy so they would fist best here.

4-7: This is easy, if you’re gonna take a run at McCown then get Brian Williams on board. I’m sure it’ll be a high brow show which is what McCown strives for sometimes and Williams will be able to pull in big names. Steve Simmons would be the co-host to bring some energy and strong opinion into the show.

7+: Since we can’t put live sports programming then I think you could do some general sports stuff with someone outside the box and not too widely known.

midnight+: Norm Rumack but only under the circumstances that he could be a little wild n’ crazy like he was til about oh’ ’01 or so though he would have to drop his plugging of questionable businesses like whiskey a go-go.

The Meatriarchy
February 3, 2011 11:32 am


Re hockey show at noon. Wave a magic wand and now imagine you are in a US market that is DOMINATED BY FOOTBALL ask the average fan there “is there any reason you need to have another football show at noon?” I think that will put it in some context.

AS for copying the fan’s format. it was the fan who copied Leafs Lunch who were first out of the gate with a noon hockey show. The fan was still running hogan at noon and started getting clobbered. Soon they had their own hockey show and guess what even though 640 had the jump on them they caught up quickly. No reason why a hockey show on TSN couldn’t beat the fan.

Mckenzie Dreger and McQuire are much more interesting to listent to than Kipper and MacClean.

Side topic but has anyone noticed that the Fan’s sound quality is far superior to 640’s? TSN better invest in some top notch equipment because the FAN has a definite edge there.

Lastly someone mentioned WGR (Buffalo’s station) anyone notice that the Fan is now instituting a “whiner line” which WGR has been doing for years? I guess we’ll soon have a host called “the bulldog”

The Meatriarchy
February 3, 2011 11:34 am

Chris F. I haven’t been to the Whiskey a Go-go in years but it was at one time the best “ballet” club around.

Sam In Scarbrough
Sam In Scarbrough
February 3, 2011 11:56 am

Toronto is a Hockey town clear and simple.So, any show or host will be hockey driven.What TSN needs (the Fan has missed the boat big-time) is either a 1-2 hour noon show dealing with the following sports in no particular order:

Amateur Sports

There are many different Hosts/Experts that could do the 1 day a week gig .

February 3, 2011 12:02 pm

I don’t know the whole lineup but I’d love to hear Onrait & O’toole on a show. Possibly 12 to 1? Anything with Dave Hodge is awesome and who ever had the idea of putting Brian Williams in drive time is bang on. It would certainly be interesting to hear Brian but it would also mean that he’d have to give up doing Grapevine with Don Cherry. Laugh if you will, but that’s a nationally syndicated feature.

I’m sure the usual suspects of Dreger, McKenzie, McGuire, Schultz, Simmons & Landsberg will all make appearances. Same with Miller, Cuthbert, Ludzig, Barnaby, Kouleas and probably the ESPN guys like Jim Rome, Korneiser & Wilbon. But I wouldn’t expect to many of the TV guys to also host radio shows. I didn’t work out well for Dreger on 640 or Millard on the Fan. The TV ppl will probably be insiders and regular contributors but I would doubt many of them would want to double as full time radio hosts.

Seriously though, Onrait & Otoole. That’d be classic.

February 3, 2011 12:05 pm

Ouh! Ouh! Just thinking, the guy from CHCH… Mark Hebschire?? Might be a good fit somewhere. Former Gemini award winner for best sports broadcaster.

Chris F.
Chris F.
February 3, 2011 12:10 pm

Meatriarchy I have nothing against Whiskey a Go-Go and i’m sure it’s still a great “ballet” club but TSN wouldn’t want a host giving away coupons or telling people to go there. Know what I mean?

I also noticed that about the Whiner Line. Have they aired any calls yet? It’d be funny if 90% of the calls can’t make it to air because it’s blasting the direction of the station!

Chris, great idea about Hebscher (sp) as I think he has a great personality for radio.

February 3, 2011 12:20 pm

Now that TSN has picked up the right to MLS for tv, would love for them to get the radio rights for Toronto FC. As of right now I think the Fan still has them but rarely do games get broadcasted on the radio due to conflict with Jays games. The TFC games just end up getting broadcasted online. The same goes for Argos broadcasts on the Fan. Mike Hogan could be bright in to do the games.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post would be great to get Noel Butler for a weekly soccer show now that he is writing for the TSN website.

February 3, 2011 1:10 pm

It will be really interesting to see what happens if Rogers buys MLSE.

Rogers would own the Jays, Leafs, Raps AND FC. Perhaps they’d try to have ALL that play by play, and air conflicts on another station? Or maybe they’d be willing to sell, say, Raptor and FC rights to TSN due to the conflicts with Leafs and Jays?

February 3, 2011 1:32 pm

Michael – I bet TSN will pick up Argo and FC games. With the Jays playing almost everyday, it just seems nearly impossible to fit other summer play by play in there.

February 3, 2011 1:39 pm

Yeah, Hebsy would be great during the day. But he does Sportsline on CHCH at 7 every night as well as a News show.

The Meatriarchy
February 3, 2011 3:54 pm

I never thought of Hebsy – not a bad idea. Although could bomb as well. Remember when Jim Tatti did the mid morning show on Fan 590 in the mid 90’s YIKES it was bad.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
February 3, 2011 5:15 pm

the Whiner Line has been a fixture on WEEI here in boston for the last 10 years or so. It’s also their highest rated segment. the calls are usually 50/50 between complaining about local sports issues and bashing the hosts. it’s a pretty good source of comedy on most days. you can check it out on iTunes. i have not heard WGR’s version.

the FAN has cornered the market on grumpy disingenuous contrarians and i hope TSN goes in a different direction for their non-morning slots. if i’m TSN i would throw a bunch of money at Bruce Arthur. He’s a better host than either Brady or Blair in my opinion.

I would also look to compete head to head with the FAN’s JaysTalk since Wilner is so widely disliked.

Scotty G.
Scotty G.
February 3, 2011 7:41 pm

Bruce Arthur is a great idea for any slot!

February 3, 2011 11:36 pm

Seems everyone wants to steal FAN guys or use retreads 🙁

I’m going to try and offer a different lineup just for a discussion:

6-10am Richards solo

10am-12pm Jay Onrait with part time co-host who can be a rotation of sport specific guys like Schultz for football or 1 of the usual hockey drones

12-1pm ALL OF THE PUCKHEAD DRONES CAN GO HERE. I’d strongly suggest a good co-host (Duthie is too big of a talent for this type of job, Kouleas is fine)

1-4pm This is where it gets tough for me. I’ll go older school here and use Landsberg + a big name print journalist like Brunt/Arthur

4-7pm Here is my gamechanger – Go and steal Tim & Sid from TheScore

Most ppl posting here are probably out of the demographic for these guys, but their podcast kills it on the iTunes download list.

If you’re going to go up against the “Juggernaut” it has to be with something that is fresh and different and has a chance to evolve and grow with the audience. Recycling the greybeard journos and sports guys (who have already been on PTS many times the past 20 years) is going to make your programming too similar …. who is going to want RC Cola when they can still get their Coke?

Those guys will also do a much better job of hyping the hell out of your brand using Twitter/Facebook and all that other stuff. Might need to clean up the language a bit and book more guests, but I don’t see that being a big obstacle

February 4, 2011 2:53 am

I get why there’s heavy traffic on topics like this and I get that some of you are suspending reality but let me help with a few things:

1. Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole would have a great radio show because? They can have about 11 seconds of witty banter between highlights? Because they read the teleprompter real well? You think that would work for 3 hours a day 5 days a week? What are their strong opinions? I’m not saying they’d be lousy at it, but some of you seem pretty convinced they’d be a hit. Not me.

2. Bruce Arthur isn’t a “host”. You may find him more entertaining or funny than Person A or Person B. He isn’t a host. Hosts who can do it all are rare. This town has only a few people who can handle solo shows or timeslots, and as I and others have noted, some would be even funnier with someone on-air to bounce stuff off of. If TSN Radio brings in all shows with “teams” or co-hosts, then 590 may have to follow suit. It’s the only way 590 can be beat actually, is if they spend way less money. Or if they keep Krystal for any longer than the first couple months of Richards being on-air.

3. Not into Sid and Tim and judging by ratings, not many are anymore. The Score is a consistent afterthought for sports content. Micallef could go elsewhere and succeed. Sid brings zip to the table.

4. TSN isn’t putting anyone on the air who’s been gassed recently in Toronto (Landry, Hogan, Stellick) or putting anyone on who had a radio show and failed in the past (Mark Hebscher, Steve Simmons, Jim Tatti). Some of those ships have sailed. I actually think Rogers made a big mistake giving Damien Cox the radio time they are giving him. Good writer, brings nothing personality-wise on radio. I think TSN will benefit from not having nabbed him. I really do.

Steve (in Hamilton)
Steve (in Hamilton)
February 4, 2011 11:39 am

Now that he has left MSNBC, I think they should get Keith Olbermann. After all, he is a sports guy. I say this in partial jest, but there’s a great part of me that would really like this.

February 4, 2011 12:10 pm

Julian, not sure how I’ve suspended reality.. I enjoy Onrait and O’toole. They’re funny and actually pretty popular for Sportscentre hosts. My thought is that TSN isn’t likely to import all of their TV guys to the radio station at will. They wouldn’t want to burn people out or have to re-work contracts and raise salaries so that all of their personalities can take on double duty. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe one or two guys actually did get their own shows. If YOU ran TSN and a pair of guys who have chemistry and are well liked (like Onrait & O’toole) approached you about them possibly doing a show on your new radio station you wouldn’t think about it?? Besides, noon to one wouldn’t conflict with their broadcast scheds..

For the most part though, I think guys like Bob Mckenzie, Dreger, Barnaby, Schultz, Mcguire etc, etc would better serve the stations ratings if at any given time during any given show a host can say “coming up this hour we talk to TSN insider ______” as opposed to confining them to the same hour to 3 hours every day.

I don’t know that I’d be so quick to dismiss Hogan either. TSN is going to need to fill out their day and they sure as hell won’t want to pay Landsberg or Duthie the type of cash that it would take to get them to do a radio show unless it was mornings or afternoon drive. Even then there would be conflicts with their TV schedules. Again I think it’s likely that only very few of the TV personalities will get radio shows if at all. That’s why I mentioned Onrait and O’toole might make sense and / or maybe a big name from 4pm – 6pm to compete with PTS. Brian Williams and/or Dave Hodge come to mind but they might get pricey. Surprising no one has brought up anybody from XM Home Ice as a possibility. I’m sure there’s also a lot good sports at the sports stations in places like Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton & Vancouver that will get a look.

February 5, 2011 3:25 am

6-10am Richards and Jerry Dee
10am-12pm Onrait and O’Toole (wished Jay would do radio or a podcast for years, think he’d thrive in this format)
12-2pm Steve Kouleas(although I’d MUCH prefer Duthie), Aaron Ward and a rotating cast of insiders McKenzie, McGuire, Dreger, etc.
2-4pm Cabbie(he’s in the CTV family now) and Bruce Arthur
4-7pm Brian Williams and Dave Hodge? + Some combination of Naylor, Simmons and Duhactsek?
7pm+ Beats me.

To be honest if I was TSN I’d just pillage as much from the SCORE as possible. The Basketball Jones, Tim and Sid Podcast and Puck Daddy Radio are all fantastic.

Jason Brough and Mike Halford of the Kurtenblog would be worth taking a run at as well. Their nightly show on the team1040 is some of the best sports radio going.

Pat MaGroin
Pat MaGroin
February 6, 2011 3:05 pm

Two most Important times 6 AM-10 AM & 4PM-7PM
Richards 6-10
Elliott Frieman (sp) and Brian Hayes 4-7
They would smoke the fan out of the water!!

February 7, 2011 4:29 pm

Mike Richards (6 – 10) Airs on TSN2

George Stroumboulopoulos (10 – 1)

Cabral Richards and Alex Seixeiro(1 – 4)

Ron McLean and Bruce Arthur (4 – 7) Airs on TSN/TSN2

Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole (PTI Style 7 – 8/M – F) (Remember these guys work M – F until 4 am each day, can’t turn around and do mornings) Airs on TSN2

OTR after the show with Michael Landsberg (8 – 8:30/M – F) Half hour interview with guest of the day

Brian Williams (Larry King style interview) (8:30 – 9:30 nightly interview, re-aired on TSN2)

Nightly round up (wraps up the nightly games) with James Cybulski (9:30 to 11 pm)

Hockey Round Table (11 pm – 12 pm) Hosted By James Duthie with Mike Johnson, Craig MacTavish, Pierre McGuire, Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, etc)

ESPN Radio 12 – 6 am (yes I know its on the Fan, but remember ESPN owns 33% of TSN. The Fan will have to pick up Fox Sports Radio)

Weekends ideas

The Basketball Jones
Bill Simmons: The BS Report
Leafs/NHL This Week with Mike Johnson and Bryan Mudryk
Raptors/NBA This Week with Eric Smith and Doug Smith
FC/Soccer This Week with Nigel Reed and Craig Forrest
Argos/CFL/NFL This Week with Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz
Blue Jays/MLB This Week with Paul Molitor and Rod Black
The Fantasy Report with Scott Cullen
The Ladies Voice with Jennifer Hedger, Holly Horton, Kate Beirness, Katherine Dolan, Sara Orlesky
The Junior Report with Gino Reda
ESPN Fantasy Focus Football
NCAA College Report

Gerry (burlington)
Gerry (burlington)
February 9, 2011 8:22 am

Lots of interesting suggestions, at the risk of being repetitive on some:
Richards in the AM
Vic Rauter and Gerry Dee from 9 to noon
(not sure if chemistry would be there, but great personalities)
Kouleas doing a noon hocky show w/usual TSN Hockey personalities
Dave Hodge from 1-4 with cohost/s
Try to steal Bobcat from 4-7, not sure anyone mentioned is going to beat him in that slot

February 16, 2011 9:48 pm

anyone going against bobcats primetime does not stand a chance… he took a bit of a blow by loosing shulman…. it shows by everyones comments that noone can think outside the box…. where is the MMA talk??? this sport has blown up !!!!




SOCCER – who cares lol

FOOTBALL- get a former player



those are the big sports and some big names .. only problem is most are emplloyed by rogers… they have to think outside the box… maybe thats y J.R has been in toronto so much latley….i love the fan cant lie.. too much hockey but i love the on airs , the guests and the jays.

Andy in TO
Andy in TO
February 18, 2011 9:27 am

Mike Hogan and Chris Schultz – DEFINITELY

Rick Hodge would have been good as a daily commentary but he has a new gig in Niagara

Bob Mckenzie great idea – Ican always listen to him

Pierre McGuire – no way – we get too much of him on TV already

Don’t like the idea of daily time American show simulcasts – keep it as Canadian as possible.
Overnight US shows wouldn’t be too bad, but… during hockey season they wouldn’t have hardly anything to keep Canadian fans interested.

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