Blue Jay Accolades From South Of The Border

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean all that much. However, it is nice to see the Blue Jays get some recognition from the American press for the hard work of Alex Anthopoulos. Joel Sherman of the NY Post ranks the Jays as having had the best off season so far in the entire MLB:

If Toronto did nothing except find a sucker to take Vernon Wells’ bloated contract, this would be a triumphant offseason. Its horizon for serious contention is 2013 onward, so having the $42 million owed Wells in 2013-14 to use in other fashions is a blessing. That the Blue Jays also got rid of most of the $44 million owed Wells in 2011-12 is a fringe benefit borne of the Angels ridiculously not demanding that Toronto eat a more significant portion of one of the worst contracts in the majors. Toronto also maximized Shaun Marcum into a potential star infielder in Brett Lawrie, and re-did their pen with interesting pieces: Frank Francisco, Octavio Dotel and Jon Rauch.

Not that it matters, but it does for some reason feel good.



The NY Post article is here

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