Sportsnet Fan 590 Setting Thier Sights?

The NHL and NBA trade deadlines are both fast approaching. After this past weekend, we got a glimpse of what we have in store in terms of excitement over the next couple of months. Thank god for the Blue Jays.

So, here’s what I am hearing as of this cloudy Monday morning:

Need more evidence that TSN radio is coming? Sportsnet the Fan 590, I am told has been given notice that their relationship with ESPN radio is over! That was a quick re-marriage. Chum has apparently taken the rights back from the Fan.

Da da da, da da da

A couple of weeks back, I was told that there was interest on the part of senior Rogers folks in one Norman Rumack. You remember Norman right? Former Toronto Maple Leaf evangelist, the guy who the last time I saw him I nearly ran him over just south of the Forest Hill village on Spadina. Well, now that nights are about to be vacant at Sportsnet the Fan 590 again, the drumbeats are pounding louder that Norman could make a comeback. In fact I am told that Norman (remember to call him that as that is the name he uses on his blog) has been seen near and around the Rogers campus of late. Who’s next, Spider Jones?

While all the details, I’m told are still being ironed out, and no deal is apparently done, yet, Sportsnet the Fan 590 has apparently identified it’s new morning man. Negotiations are on going with Joey Vendetta to take over the reigns from Andrew Krystal. Joey (either Vendetta or Scoleri as he has been known in Hollywood) sat in the captain’s chair over Christmas time while Krystal was away. He is an avid hockey fan, known for hanging with many players over the years. Vendetta used to be on the air here on the mighty Q way back when.

A couple of folks told me last week that changes were coming to 640 Toronto with respect to the Bill Watters show. In fact at one point, I was told that a new co-host had been retained. That didn’t happen. I am told what did happen is that Brian Hayes has had the interim co-host tag lifted. With all the changes going on in the industry and the never say die rumours that 640 is getting out of the sports business, you just have to wonder how long Hayes will want to stick around at a non sports radio station.

Lastly, because several of you keep asking, here’s my take: Andrew Krystal has been on his twitter account claiming that he wasn’t fired. I don’t know who he’s talking to. I haven’t read anywhere that he was fired, have you? Everything I have read says that he is no longer the morning guy, but that he remains employed at the station. Now, Krystal tweeted a few weeks back that his show wasn’t being canceled, but rather it was being “expanded”. So when Krystal tweets that he will be back on the Fan from 1-3 when he returns from vacation, I’m taking a wait and see approach.

Greg Brady is on in the mornings until Vendetta or whomever else they secure settles in, I am betting in early April. At that point Brady will return to 1-3. Then what will they do with Krystal? I am sorry. I just don’t’ see that happening. I have no clue what Krystal’s been told, but for some reason I just don’t see him back on the Fan airwaves any time soon. I don’t know that, I am just giving my 2 cents.



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