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A lot of people asked when the Fan 590 underwent its changes if Dan Shulman would be considered as a potential candidate for one of the openings they were trying to fill. At that time it appeared highly unlikely. The former co-host of PTS has seen his career rocket to the proverbial moon in the world of sports media. Dan, who got his start doing weekend sports updates in Barrie media is the new voice of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, in addition to his NCAA basketball duties.

Shulman has inked a deal with TSN where he “will be a regular contributor for TSN’s baseball coverage.”

Take that Sportsnet/Fan 590

Besides the fact that he is VERY good at what he does, Shulman is a class act.

This is a huge loss to the Fan in my opinion. Shulman is always a great guest, especially when he is on with McCown. I heard him on a few weeks ago and McCown and you can tell that they get along quite well together. Their regular segments are highlights of the my listening week. No matter the subject, Shulman talks intelligently and McCown sets him up brilliantly. If Shulman can’t go on the Fan (where he got his start in Toronto) it would be a loss to the little “f” fan and the big F Fan too.

Many of you ask who TSN is going to have host the afternoon drive show opposite McCown. I have absolutely nothing firm. The only name I have heard on a few occasions is Mitch Melnick, who one of you pointed out is in Montreal. Again these are just rumblings that I have heard- a name that some industry types are throwing around. Ironically, the station that Melnick is on carries PTS at 7pm nightly.

Here is the one thing you can take to the bank. Those who currently write sports for major publications are in hot demand. Sportsnet and TSN are going to try and grab whomever they can as fast as they can to appear on their respective airwaves ASAP. Make no mistake about it, this is a war between the two networks and the battle for talent is on. No matter what you may think about those who write sports for the dailys, there just isn’t a whole lot of “talent” in this market who can talk sports 24/7. I am hearing and, therefore, betting that the best of them will be gobbled up soon by either TSN or Sportsnet with a keen eye on radio.

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