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At some point in time, I have to think the powers that be at soon to be launched TSN Radio considered, or at least bemoaned, the fact that their station wouldn’t be ready for NHL’s trade deadline. Somewhere, someone must be laughing at the thought. Everyone started early and stayed with it all day, every i was dotted and every t was crossed. Only one problem; the NHL general managers decided to have their own party weeks ago. In the end, we got a tonne of analysis and not so much action.

The biggest news maker of the day was Twitter. Forget the outlet you were watching, or what blog you were reading; if you were on Twitter you had the news pretty damn fast. Not only the that, some mutton-heads used it to disseminate stupid information by adding a “_” to the end of some otherwise reliable MSM Twitter handles that caused quite a stir on a few occasions.

Nick Kypreos started the day off with a bang, when around 8:30 a.m. or so he pronounced he was hearing that Stephen Weiss would only waive his no-trade clause if he were to be dealt to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Weiss, as you know, didn’t go anywhere.

The day lulled along until about 10:30 a.m. when the first deal was finally announced.

The nicest addition to the deadline teams was Denis Potvin. He provided a unique voice to those of us in this market, and on numerous occasions, I was actually hoping they were going to cut back to him. Leafs TV folk, if you can get Potvin on to Leafs games he would be a SIGNIFICANT upgrade.

The weakest contributor of the day was Michael “I hosted the Oscars last night Franco” Peca. I can’t help but like Peca, but wow, he is boring on TV. I seem to remember Peca always being a colourful interview on TV/radio during his playing days, but man, does he need some energy as a pundit.

Couple of highlights for me:

Bob McCown on with Cox and Brunt in the first set, clearly not happy to be there and ripping the day as a made for TV event was quite funny. When McCown’s cell phone rang, he looked into the camera and said, “I’m going to break the first deal of the day” – was classic.

Pierre McGuire bolting out of his seat with his Blackberry in hand to show to one of Dreger or McKenzie in the middle of a segment was pretty funny.

I had to feel for the guys sitting down at the ACC waiting for something to happen. It’s one thing to watch from the comfort of my couch, but to have to sit at the ACC had to be painful.

Howard Berger breaking in on the Fan programming with a breaking Lupul trade news story, only to later learn that it was a Twitter joke, was PRICELESS

I don’t know what the hell happened, but there was a very odd moment between RJ Broadhead and Bruce Garrioch. Kypreos announced a deal and the two others were discussing the details when suddenly both stopped talking and were just staring at each other. Maybe I am the only one who noticed, but from my seat it was uncomfortable.

The clear winner in terms of breaking news was Sportsnet. Nick Kypreos et. al. just seemed to be a few minutes ahead of TSN over and over again.

The most useless feature of the day? The boardroom cam at the ACC. Ron Wilson looked like he was forced to watch paint dry most of the time.

I love people who rip the networks for putting this stuff on. Look, they wouldn’t put it on if we didn’t watch it. There is huge demand and the networks, all of them, feed the proverbial beast. Good on them for doing it.

Strongest comment of the day was by Michael Farber who said ” The NHL is a much better league with the Maple Leafs in the playoffs.” 2nd place was Dennis Potvin’s ” The Florida Panthers have been sellers for 10 years now”

Most useless comment? The MSMers who love to rip Leafs fans (or any fans for that matter) for saying things on Twitter. Case in point, one MSMer posted a rumour about the Leafs. Tonnes of people retweeted it and tonnes commented on it. Another MSMer pipes in with the typical “Leafs fans who think that’s going to happen are dreaming.”

Look, if you want to rip people for the stupidity, go to the source and rip your fellow MSMer.

Speaking of ripping your fellow MSMer, welcome to Twitter Al Strachan. What the [email protected]#@!#[email protected] is he thinking ripping every other MSMer right left and center? Was that really Strachan ripping Jeff Blair for “drivel”? Are you kidding me? With the exception of Loewen, no other Toronto writer has penned more drivel than Al Strachan.

Poor Brian Hayes, it’s one thing to be sentenced to five hours with Bill Watters, but five hours when no trades are made???? Ouch.

We’ve all done it. Hit the send button before realizing who was on our distribution list. We have all put our foot in our mouth before, and yes, we will all do it again. So there I am, reading the morning paper online, with Tweetdeck open drinking my green tea, when a new tweet from Nick Kypreos comes across. My tea quickly ended up all over my keyboard:

“I’m confident it will get done. Those [email protected]$%ers at TSN try to discredit me all the time. I’m really pissed! ”

Kypreos had been tweeting about Bryan McCabe potentially being dealt to the New York Rangers (which did happen) and he clearly meant to send a DM and instead published his thoughts to the entire world.

I thought the whole thing was hilarious. It got taken down almost immediately, but Kypreos did the right thing. He had fun with it.

An interesting story was in the Hamilton paper this week. Interesting in that it had to deal with the Toronto sports radio scene. Nothing really new in it but still…

Lastly, I’ve heard a couple of different things on the TSN Radio host side. I am still hearing Melnick is choice numero uno. However if that doesn’t pan out there is apparently a push to go with someone young and relatively inexperienced who will talk sports, sports and sports against McCown. The thinking is that they know they can’t beat him now, so why not try to establish an audience.

Remember McCown’s deal is up soon.

Will this be the week Andrew Krystal returns to the air?

Should be interesting.



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