More Lineup Changes At Sportsnet The Fan 590

Don Kollins has been in his seat at The Fan 590, now Sportsnet The Fan 590 for a little over a year now and if nothing else he’s made changes. Today he’s announcing a whole host (pardon the pun) of changes at Toronto’s all sports radio station (for now anyway):

After the failure of the Andrew Krystal morning show, Kollins has handed the baton to the current hosts, Greg Brady and Jim Lang. This is a good move in my opinion as I am told that both guys were highly sought after by TSN radio.

“We are very excited to bring Greg and Jim together as the FAN 590 morning team,” said Don Kollins, Program Director, Sportsnet Radio The FAN 590. “Both have great sports knowledge, are well respected Toronto broadcasters, and they like to have fun. Listeners already love these guys after just a couple weeks together.”

No immediate changes to the Jeff Blair show, however sources tell me that Blair could have a dance partner in the not so distant future. But for the fact that Blair talks way too much hockey out of the gate, I think the show is called the blue and white today sometimes, I really like the change from Hogan to Blair.

Starting Tuesday, something old is new again as Darren Millard returns to Hockey Central at Noon. With two STRONG personalities in Kypreos and MacLean does it really matter who’s in that seat? Ratings showed it worked before so why not right?

Andrew Krystal will at remain in the Greg Brady slot at 1pm.

No changes to Mccown’s PTS

Sportsnet the Fan 590 will return to 24 hours of local radio too. Kollins has plucked Jeff Sammut from his producing duties and plunked him into the 12am to 5:30am slot, Monday to Friday. I have caught Sammut over the weekends and he is improving. One thing for sure, he will get all the on air training he needs on the graveyard shift.

Also in the something old is new again department, as I told you exclusively before, Norman Rumack will return to the airwaves taking his usual late night role, however this time Norman only appears on weekends.

Personally, I am not a huge fan, but Norman certainly had his followers back in the day- towards the end, I’m not so sure.

What else to look for? Well sources tell me that Joey Vendetta while not coming to the station in a permanent role, it does sound like he will be on the station on a regular basis in the days to come.

I will have more for you later, for now, I’ll say this, I think there will be more changes from Kollins in the not so distant future!



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