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Lots going on, so let’s get to it:

Lots of talk about curling vs NCAA. Mike S pointed out an article on TSN.ca :

“Preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada confirms that overall audiences for the 2011 Tim Hortons Brier averaged 682,000 viewers on TSN – the most ever in tournament history and 13 percent higher than last year. In total, more than 7.8 million unique viewers tuned in at some point to TSN’s 62 hours of live Brier coverage from London, ON this year.

An average audience of 1.3 million viewers watched Manitoba’s Jeff Stoughton defeat Ontario’s Glenn Howard to win his third career Brier championship, making this year’s championship final the second most-watched broadcast ever in tournament history. “

The story was much the same over at the Toronto Sun:

“National sports broadcaster TSN is airing 75 hours of coverage from the John Labatt Centre this week and the early ratings are promising: Saturday’s games peaked at an average audience of 865,000 and Sunday’s high wasn’t far off.

By comparison, last Friday night’s New York Rangers-Ottawa Senators game drew 440,000 viewers

For the Brier final, TSN expects to average 1.5 million. If it ends up being Kevin Martin vs. Glenn Howard, the audience could push two million.”

How does the NCAA tourney do here? Let’s go back in time and look at last year, courtesy Chris Zelkovich:

“The NCAA? No March Madness on Canadian television, that’s for sure.

The most-watched NCAA game on The Score and Sun TV (with the latter simulcasting CBS in the GTA) averaged 187,000 Saturday night when Kansas and Northern Iowa played. The Score reports that 62 per cent of all those watching the tournament did so on the Canadian channel, meaning that the most-watched game drew less than 250,000 viewers in Canada.

The positive here is the fact that The Score’s audiences are up 28 per cent over last year, though it should be noted that most ratings are up by about 20 per cent thanks to a new ratings system.

Madness? Hardly.”

Anyone happen to catch Damien Cox on with Mccown tonight? Nothing all that earth shattering except when the topic of Mccown and Krystal’s rant on women in sports the other night. Mccown claimed that he and Krystal were just, you know joking.

Now, I wasn’t one of those jumping up and down after the “bit”. I’ve heard it and read all the comments about it. Of all the things I would say about it, none would be that they were “joking”. I don’t either are hateful guys, I think they were speaking their minds and trying to reflect what the perceive to be the popular opinion. Not sure why now he’d claim they were joking.

Great reads of the day?

David Shoalts did a bang up job on les affaires Coytoes. He broke word on Twitter that Goldwater has committed to suing the Coyotes once a deal with Glendale and the league is consummated and followed it up with a good article on the story.

“Glendale city councillor Phil Lieberman, the most prominent opponent of the bond deal on council, thinks Goldwater’s announcement will sink the $116-million municipal bond deal that is supposed to finance the NHL’s $170-million sale of the Coyotes. Hulsizer is to get $100-million from the bond sale up front. Goldwater said it will file the lawsuit as soon as the bond deal closes.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said previously that Glendale will try to get the municipal bonds issued despite Goldwater’s opposition with the league’s assistance.

“I don’t know when the bond deal will close because no bond company will buy bonds if there is a lawsuit right after,” Lieberman said. “There is no way we can justify the $100-million to Hulsizer.”

Rebekah L. Sanders has been covering the Coyotes mess for the Arizona Republic:

“On the one hand, prospective bond-buyers now more clearly know what to expect. The city may find investors willing to take the risk of a lawsuit at a higher interest rate. Or the announcement could scare off investors and foil the deal.”

Damien Cox who is down in Florida playing tennis, I mean covering the NHL meetings has a real gem about the current state of Gary’s world:

“Suddenly, it seems Bettman’s grip over the league’s owners, a major reason why he has been able to stay in power for 18 years, doesn’t seem quite as tight. In the past decade, in particular, the hockey world has barely heard a dissenting voice from the league’s board of governors on any matter, let alone any pertaining specifically to the game.”

Maybe your not a huge NBA fan, even still, the must read article of the day comes from the good folks over at Yahoo! Sports:

“No commissioner has ever been so emboldened to speak this way. Yet now, so much of Stern’s staying power is built on a far more flimsy baseline. Respect has eroded for him, replaced with fear and loathing.”

So, TSN has picked up another hour of local programming for the radio station adding a noon hockey show. Anyone surprised? Me neither.

Keep your ears open for news out of more hires or potential ones in the next couple of weeks.



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