Blair and Kypreos On Matt Cooke Suspension

Jeff Blair and Nick Kypreos had a lively debate about the Matt Cooke suspension today. You can listen to it here or I’ve posted a summary below:

Blair – Why didn’t league ban Matt Cooke for the rest of the season? Why pick an arbitrary number. He can recover from a $200k hit.

Kypreos – The league doesn’t have Matt Cooke’s head on a plate so that disappoints you. Essentially he is done. His season is over.

Blair- You can’t say it’s over, can’t say, your team sucks so bad were going to say your done for the 1st round. What is more impactful, saying your done for the rest of the year or you are done for the regular season and round one of the playoffs.

Kypreos- The act normally would result in a 2-3 game suspension. When you add all the other factors in, it’s a big price. The rule in society in general is you get a chance to rehabilitate yourself.

Blair- If you commit the same crime 2 or 3 times you are looking at a severe penalty.

Kypreos – In hockey this is a severe penalty

Blair- No it’s not- Dale Hunter got more games

Kypreos – If the guy was carried off a stretcher it would have been the rest of the year- if it was 15 years ago it would have been a 2min penalty. The temperature has changed and he’s essentially done for the rest of the year

Blair- He’s not done for the rest of the year, what if they win the cup and he gets his name on the cup.

Kypreos – Then he would have been out a month- that’s a significant suspension- you want him kicked out?

Blair- yes, why not, why not

Kypreos- we don’t work that way, he’s been humiliated

Blair – good he should be humiliated, this isn’t his last contract

Kypreos- It shouldn’t be his last contract, he’s a good hockey player. Lemieux has basically told him that you either change your game or else, I don’t think he’s heard that before, you have to give him a chance to change his game before you throw the book and throw away the key

Blair- Pens had no choice but to back the league. Why was he wearing the A

Kypreos- There are pro’s and cons- the con’s are that he can’t keep his elbow’s down. He’s second in NHL in SH points.

Blair- This is the perfect guy to send the message to. He’s a clown on the ice but not just a goon. He’s a bit of a player. This isn’t Colton Orr. Until someone dies there won’t be serious action.

Kypreos- Even if a guy dies what will change?

Blair- if someone dies, like in the Steve Moore case where there’s a lawsuit that follows I have to believe it will change. I think the Moore case is behind this, maybe that’s why the league can’t act more severely.

Kypreos- there’s a certain amount of risk people take, we understand when we step on the ice there’s a certain amount of risk, I am tired of hearing someone’s going to get hurt then we are going to change the rules. There is a certain level of risk in the game.

Kypreos- I’m going to tell you something I haven’t told Bob Mccown in 10 years, I really like your show.

Also good listening tonight was Bob Mccown and Damien Cox with Mat Cooke’s agent Pat Morris. There was more stick handling by Morris to the questions form Cox and Mccown.

What where they thinking? Hayes and Watters open up their show with would you go to more Blue Jays game if there was a new stadium. Interesting subject, don’t get me wrong, but why now??? When there’s Lawrence Taylor ,sports writers getting nailed for running prostitution rings it’s a funny time to be talking about Blue Jays attendance.



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