Classic Moments In Sports Radio Phone Call History

Top of the Tuesday morning to you.

I have to admit I did a double take when I looked at the headline on my ipad this am that read sportswriter jailed for running prostitution ring. A couple of things entered my mind, the first was, sounds like a great idea for an NBC sitcom. The second was, what ever happened to these guys just going to the track. Lastly, of course I wanted to know which member of the Toronto sports media got caught. Yes, I had my suspicions about a couple.

Anyway. In law school they taught us to never ask a question for which you are unprepared for the answer.

In radio, while I never went to school, I am pretty sure that’s why they invented screeners.

So Greg Brady and Jim Lang are talking about this story as their show wrapped up and opened up the phones. The question they wanted folks to answer was, which Toronto sports media member would you like to see busted for running a prostitution ring?

Brady announced that they wouldn’t screen the calls, and well, I am pretty sure they didn’t. I am also POSITIVE that the 2 guys who called in read this website on a regular basis. You all have heard my voice, so you know it wasn’t me.

First guys response, and no I am not making this up ” I want it to be Andrew Krystal so it gets him off your station”


There is a good 3 count of awkward silence before they take another call:

“I would hope it was Andrew Krystal so I wouldn’t have to listen to him on your station”

There are times when those who call in to sports radio are just so predictable. This was hilarious radio. Brady and Lang tried to joke after the 2 callers, but man was it funny. I am not sure if they will put the audio up or edit out the last segment, but it comes just before the end of their show.

A Good Cause

If you are looking for a way to donate some money to the cause in Japan, local Toronto sports media member Eric Smith has designed a cool t-shirt in support of the cause:

“On March 11 the world watched in horror as the citizens of Japan were rocked by the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami that struck their country. Homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and the Far East was left in ruin and chaos.

People around the globe have been moved emotionally and financially to assist since these natural disasters wreaked their havoc, and one local broadcaster is trying to raise even more awareness and money for the Japanese through a unique venture.

Eric Smith, colour analyst for the Toronto Raptors on Sportsnet Radio the Fan 590, has designed the HOPE for Japan t-shirt; turning to fashion and art as a way to stimulate additional funds to aid Japan.

With the help and expertise of Entripy Custom Clothing ( and Desi Wear, Smith’s HOPE for Japan t-shirt combines his love for basketball with Japan’s “Rising Sun” flag.

“As a basketball broadcaster, my hope is that hoops’ fans across Canada and around the world will purchase this t-shirt and join me in watching the sun rise again and shine brightly on a rejuvenated and prosperous Japan,” said Smith.

“I can’t say enough about the generosity of the folks at Entripy Custom Clothing ( and Desi Wear. They have graciously donated all the t-shirts and have agreed to handle all logistics of the ordering and delivery process as well,” says Smith.

7.5-oz, 100% cotton ring spun jersey knit. Euro style fit in neck, shoulders and sleeves. Seamless double-needle collar for more comfort.”

It’s only $20 and it’s a cool looking t-shirt order yours today!

So, I have to ask the question (and Krystal is not a valid answer), which Toronto sports media member is most likely to be busted for running a prostitution ring?

The winner gets an Eric Smith T-shirt

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