Toronto Raptors Second Class in More Ways Than One

Despite Toronto losing Chris Bosh and making little progress this season, team president Bryan Colangelo is returning to run the team, according the several league sources.

That’s what caught my attention around 9 a.m. this morning. “Team president Bryan Colangelo is returning to the team.” First I had heard of that. I quickly Googled Colangelo in the news section and found not a single article by a Toronto-based reporter reporting the same thing. Sun, Star, Post, Globe? Zilch. Sportsnet, TSN? Nope. Fan, 640? Nyet.

I did find out that Colangelo called in to the Jeff Blair show today to address issues about Wright and Triano.

I searched all of the above media sources for information on that story and found… the exact same thing; nothing.

Couple of points here:

Imagine if you will that Larry Brooks wrote an article on a Saturday afternoon (5 p.m. or so) that stated, amongst other things, that Brian Burke, who, (in this little story of mine anyway) is in the final year of his contract with the Maple Leafs is in fact “returning to the team, according to league sources.”

How long do you think it would take for that to be reported in Toronto? Five minutes? Seven? How long would it take for the denials, arguments against, arguments for, call-in shows etc.? Hell, we would know that a writer in another city was reporting something about our president and GM about one second after he hit the send button.

Not here, not with the Raptors. I have looked around and unless I totally missed it, and if I did I apologize, but the first time this issue was raised in this market was when the idiot blogger I have to look at in the mirror every day tweeted it.

Add to that, again, if you will, if Brian Burke called into the Fan to defend a player or his coach, how long would it take for that story to be EVERYWHERE? The pundits would be out in full force. We would have opinions on every single word, the order of the words, the pronunciation of the words, parody’s about the words. When Bryan Colangelo does it? Nadda. At least not that I’ve seen.

Houston, we have a problem here. OK, the Raptors aren’t going to compete with the Leafs. Fine, I get it. When there’s news, however, it would be nice to see it somewhere, anywhere. OK, if it’s not in the print edition of the papers, I can live with that. Blogs, online editions, twitter, facebook, hell- EBAY!!

Fine, the big boys aren’t going to cover it. I get it. The beat guys though?

Then, when one of them, one of the good ones too, writes about it, he, in my mind butchers it:

From everyone I’ve talked to today … Colangelo has NOT be re-signed.

So, with due respect to the Daily News, the story is not accurate. Not yet.

I know and like Lawrence … so I don’t say this disparagingly … but perhaps his sources led him to believe that a contract extension will (eventually) happen or that it’s likely to happen but it’s not done yet. According to all of the folks I (and Jonesy) have spoken to no extension has been offered yet … let alone signed.

Now, let’s do this altogether now, scroll up and read what Mitch Lawrence wrote:

Team President is returning according to league sources.

Does it say:

“Team President has signed an extension”?


No, it does not say that.

And, yes, there is a big difference. In the world of sports, heck, in the word of business we know that a decision can be made long before a document is executed or an announcement is made. All Lawrence said was that league sources said he will be back. That’s the story, beginning, middle and end.

Eric Smith continues:

Further to that … it should be obvious that the talk of Jay Triano leaving and Mike D’Antoni coming in is very premature. Not only is D’Antoni under contract with the NY Knicks right now (and next season) but Triano’s status will be determined by the GM in Toronto — whoever that may be! And if’s it’s NOT Bryan Colangelo, one would have to assume that a new general manager MAY want to hire his own guy.

What did Lawrence have to say about this again?:

That could be good news for D’Antoni, whose offense has been a bad fit for Anthony.

The key word there is “could”. Lawrence is speculating. That’s what “could” means right? Of course it’s obvious, of course it’s premature, that’s not what the original story says…It says “could”.

Eric Smith, whom you know I happen to like, posted this story at 2:33 p.m. I have no clue what he was up to this weekend. He writes in the first line of his blog that his article is following a story from the weekend. Why did it take so long to get this story commented on? If it were the Leafs it wouldn’t have taken more than a NY minute.

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