TSM Poll Of The Day

No April Fools joke. Enough of you write me privately to lose the bikini of the day, so, let the people speak:


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    Dave from the suburbs 9 years ago

    I know where to go if I want hot chicks. I come here for the sports media talk. Lose them.

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    Derrick 9 years ago

    I like to come here throughout the day while at work. The pictures aren’t always SFW.

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    You can never have enough chicks in bikini’s. Keep em. Just keep em SFW and not trashy.

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    Chris F. 9 years ago

    I agree with Mike. I’ve noticed that some of the Bikini OTDs get pretty racy but the option of just tossing them out completely would seem wrong. I mean it’s kinda like a hook to this blog. A side benefit to all the sports media talk that we do 🙂

    Either way, i’ll be okay with whatever happens.

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    I consider this blog to be very good – the content and thought is strong by any standards. I think the pictures detract from that – they are not what I would expect at a blog of this calibre.

    It’s not like I don’t like the pictures, but the internet is full of racy photos (so I have heard).

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    James High Park 9 years ago

    to keep or not to keep.. hmmm

    i propose 1 day a week, say maybe friday, post the girls here in all their splendor

    the truth is you can find pictures of bikini models on thousands of web sites (whether nude or semi nude)
    we know where they are

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    I’d say drop em. My girlfriend gives me irritated looks if I’m reading your site when she happens to walk by.

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    mike (in boston) 9 years ago

    if it’s good enough for the FAN’s website (sponsored by Guelph Nissan!) then it’s good enough for this one.

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    Gerry (Burlington) 9 years ago

    Personally i am in Daniel’s shoes, when at home and I surf the TSM page, my wife will sometimes see the screen and ask what sports page am I supposedly on this time…lol.

    If enough people vote to keep, perhaps just have link in the page people can click to get their Bikini of the day, and not have it come up on the mainpage or on the sports topics we like to discuss.

    Cheers, and good of you to address it.

    Exciting times for us sports junkies as we get closer to this launch of TSN radio. Just hope they are ready behind the scenes to produce decent shows.

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    maggie 9 years ago

    I assume that I am not the only female that reads this page. The BOTD doesn’t bother me, but if you put the girls up, why not put pictures of guys up as well? Only fair.

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    Mike S 9 years ago

    Happy Birthday to TSM creator Jonah Sigel !!!

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    SportsGuy46 9 years ago

    The BOTDs make browsing the site at work risky. I’d say lose them and class this place up a little.

    Alternatively, why not just give the BOTDs their own category in wordpress (that doesn’t appear on the front page) allowing those people who can’t seem to find similar imagery on the net for free elsewhere an option.

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    Smack 9 years ago

    I see very little upside to the BOTD.

    I doubt there are many who come to this blog for them. I’m sure there are many that don’t because of them (at least some times of the day). I know I’m reluctant to visit at work due to the NSFW content.

    This blog is a place of relatively thoughtful discussion and the BOTD pics seem terribly out of place.

    Lot’s of places to get this sort of stuff on the interweb, after all, as pretty much all of the previous comments have stated.

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    Bryan 9 years ago

    It’s nice eye candy when you come to the blog and I like it there but I can imagine it wouldn’t be the same for someone at work. I say keep them but if the poll says otherwise, it’s time to go.

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    Smack 9 years ago

    Poll is pretty balanced right now. Of course you’re not getting the people who are reluctant to visit the blog while at work.

    By the way, I’m working from home today so I don’t have to worry about the NSFW content.

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    Just Amblin' By 9 years ago

    My issue has less to do with their inclusion, and more to do with their relative quality: Too many skanks spoils the broth…or something. An attractive, pleasing-to-the-eye shot of a lovely woman in varying degrees of undress is always appropriate, in my estimation, and always welcome, but the endless parade of silicone skanks actually becomes more depressing than uplifting. I would say fully ninety percent of them appear to be cartoonish CGI representations of the real thing, making the whole thing vaguely disturbing, to say nothing of incredibly UNerotic. If you’re going to stick with a BOTD, at least head over to Met Art and look for some genuinely beautiful ones. As an early retiree, the NSFW issue doesn’t concern me in the slightest, though it would seem that a good percentage of your readers *do* have an issue with it. Food for thought. Perhaps it’s time for a ho hiatus…

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    MwG64 9 years ago

    I had some problems at work where they thought i was surfing porn!Had to show them it was a sports media blog.
    So i say lose the ladies …Your content is strong enough on its own!

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    Me Too 9 years ago

    I’ll be the second (acknowledged) female to respond. I must say I never really understood the Bikini of the day for a site that offers some pretty good content… and attracts people who generate some pretty good comments. And I’ll ask you – as a parent is this really the image you want to present to your kids? I’m not a prude I just don’t get the point of it for this site. I like the proposals by some to just have a link. That’s a win-win.

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    Agree with above. I won’t visit this site while at work because of it. It’s too bad too because I can’t see the radio line ups before leaving work.
    There’s plenty of bikinis or better (worse?) available on the internet.

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    Capn2patch 9 years ago

    I like the bikinis. If I view the page from a public terminal (work) then simply scroll the page down and read the post/comments.