More On TSN Radio Lineup

I had the opportunity to speak with James Cybulski this afternoon. I admit, I am really looking forward to his show. Yes, he is going up against PTS, yes they have a huge lead. After speaking to him though, (and yes I did speak to Krystal before his show too) I have a good feeling about the type of show he is going to have.

Cybulski is psyched to be hosting this show. “What a great opportunity to be talking sports for 3 hours a day AND getting paid for the privilege” he said. He is, also realistic with respect to the challenge ahead and the competition down the road. “This is the largest city in Canada. There are so many choices for the sports appetite. There’s TSN, Sportsnet and all the various channels they own. There is LeafsTV, Raptors TV, the Score. In radio, there really has been only one choice. I think it will be nice to offer an alternative, I think people will like having a choice.”

In addition to the “& Company” part of the show Cybulski will be joined by Gareth Wheeler who will be playing the dual role of producer/update person.

I am also told that Tim Preston will be producing the morning show with Mike Richards.

I’ve always thought we need another all sports station in this town. I am hoping TSN gets it right and provides the listener with a good alternative when needed.



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