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Here’s are your drive home lineups

On Fan 590 Tonight-

– Bob McCown’s co-host from 5 to 7 is Damien Cox
-Tom Anselmi
-Bob Elliott
-Chris Tessaro in Studio
-Roundtable with: Blue Jays President & CEO Paul Beeston; Raptors President & GM Bryan Colangelo; and Maple Leafs President & GM Brian Burke.

On TSN Radio 1050

James Cybuski’s co-host is Dave Feschuk

Denny Morrison

James Duthie

Chris Tessaro

Brian Colangelo

Bob McKenzie

Kerry Fraser

Randy Couture

Krys Barch

Darren Dreger

On 640 with Jim Ralph and Bill Watters thanks to Mike S.:

4:40 – Brian Duff (NHL Network)

5:25 – Terry Crisp (Nashville Predators Analyst)

6:05 – Pat Hickey (Montreal Gazette)

6:25 – Ken Kal (Detroit Red Wings play-by-play)


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    Mike S 9 years ago

    Dave Feschuk was co-host today on 1050 because Bruce Arthur is in Montreal covering the Habs-Bruins series…………I guess maybe TSN should have checked with the National Post before announcing recently that today would be Arthur’s debut as co-host of Cybulski’s show

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    Loved Colangelo’s zinger on Bosh to start things off. He calls McCown the Pat Riley of radio for assembling the 3 super powers but then says that he’s by far the less talented so he’s the Chris Bosh of the 3. Oh Snap!

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    Fantastic line!

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    Very entertaining hour on PTS tonight… hopefully this just is not a one time thing…nice to see all three of Toronto’s big head honchs in one room… next time I hope they spend more time on the business side of their games…

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    Chris F. 9 years ago

    The hour with the Presidents was quite good though general in scope. It was a good way to really get to know the guys beyond the day to day grind of the sports world. Hopefully if they do this again they go more in depth on the business side of things but all in all it was a great success IMO.

    I don’t know how feasible it is, but i’d love for something similar with the head coaches for each of those 3 teams though it would certainly have to be in the post Wilson Era with the Leafs as there seems to be some beef between he and McCown.

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    I love the cheap shots on Bosh from Colangelo even more so when you consider that he was trying to give Bosh the max for four years.

    What does that say about him?

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    The presidents hour on PTS was very cool. Three very very different guys, but all seem to be strikingly smart in their own way.

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    Bryan 9 years ago

    I think it would have been better had Anthopoulos been on instead of Beeston, as I think most fans would love to know how he operates and what his opinions are on certain things. That said if it was topics like they were asked today then I think you probably wouldnt get much anyway.

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    I found a lot of the questions to be very lightweight.
    Date night with your wife?
    What would you do if not doing this job?
    Do you take losses home with you?


    The confidant question was interesting only because Burke gave an interesting answer.

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    Gerry (Burlington) 9 years ago

    Missed the opening week of TSN radio, but am now quite enjoying the options available. While both programs still have their segments which are weak, it is great to just hit that radio preset and find something else.

    Listening to Anselmi on the Fan last night, only re-enforced to me the FOB (friend of Bob) rule. While I understand the reason they had him on was to discuss the new training facility. It took Brunt on the final question to ask them about their terrible start to the season. Including a discussion/type question regarding the trading of DeRosario. Of the course the answer from Anselmi was beyond Vanilla, and the old we are rebuilding was the answer. Hasn’t this franchise been rebuilding since their first season?

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    Rob In Aurora 9 years ago

    Didn’t listen. I will later on podcast (sounds underwhelming though) – If those were some of the questions though, then yikes…McCown has lost something. I don’t like his style of acting all buddy, buddy in person, then dissing them when he’s not face to face.
    I maintain it was a novelty getting all three together at once – I would still rather hear an hour, or even just 30 minutes with each separately

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    Sam In Scarb 9 years ago

    If TSM ever got an interview with Bob Mc and lobbed questions at him like:
    Date night with your wife?
    What would you do if not doing this job?
    Do you take losses home with you?
    Bob would get up and leave the interview.
    Yet, Bob himself throws out these underhand softballs.

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    dennes7 9 years ago

    Feschuk asked better question of Colangelo on 1050. He really got him going. I think Feschuk is the sleeper pick in the radio wars.

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    The PTS final hour was pretty interesting and a good listen and different. So that was cool

    I am with you Dennes the highlight of the timespot goes to TSNR interview with Colangelo. You can tell they were really pushing some buttons. Again Cybulski and co do interviews better than anywhere else right now.

    They were talking about paying to the cap & exceeding it, Colangelo said the team is willing to do that & would have paid Bosh the max therefore would exceed the cap if he accepted it. Then he said the team is better off with cap space to work with and if it did sign Bosh it would still be a poor team but maxing out the cap. The interviews caught that quick & asked if signing Bosh would be a poor move, why did you try to do so. Which got Colangelo stumbling about “keeping players due to credibility of team” .

    So far I find myself thinking and talking about stuff that happened on C&C much more than PTS. It just seems like they’re giving more effort to stand out. McCown follow up questions to the local sports leaders consist of “Ain’t soccer boring” no McCown YOU are getting boring. You’re right Gerry, it’s cool to have Anselm to talk about training pitches, but so much other stuff is going on, McCown was out of stuff after just half a segment. Sat game the coach called out the team in his post game conference saying “The fans were the only positive thing for the night” than after a reporter asked if anything else was positive and coach replied “No just the fans” lwhat a great quote lol

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    @ The Meatriarchy

    Thank you. The interview felt like the first day of school where you get to know your classmates. I thought McCown had balls, or at least he tries very hard to make it seem so when he doesn`t have to suck up to the big wigs.

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    MwG64 9 years ago

    The problem with the summit was all the Hype leading up to it.I guess there were only so many questions he could ask?And the ones he did ask were pretty soft for a guy with the credibility of Bob Mccown.
    Krystal is on and taking calls about the Summit and he is doing a great job of defending Bob.But he is trying to spin into us fans wanting blood on the floor.Which i do not think is the case at all.But a little more substance to the interview would have been nice.Not sure i care what they do on a date?

    Bob said it was the 1st time he has ever written down questions before an interview…Maybe next time he should go back to his original way of doing prep.

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    Actually I did enjoy the summit and yes there were some fluff questions, The insights into what drives them, the similarities despite obvious differences in demeanor and public persona was fascinating for me.

    I don’t feel that was the forum for tough individual questions. However, I would have enjoyed more focus and debate regarding the challenges of running a sports business in this market especially given the rebuilding state for all.

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    Plebian Slob 9 years ago

    Bob is doing a pretty good defence of the interview on PTS right now at 5.p.m if you want to check the podcast or web archive.

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    This reminds me of when Ken Dryden took over as President of the Leafs in 98 (approx).
    McCown and then host (the late great) Jim “Shaky” Hunt spent a week ridiculing the idea of Dryden as president of the Leafs and then when they had him on as a guest the following week it was the same softball type of questions.

    When they were criticized by the fans – and these were fans who called in to PTS the next few days all Bob would say is that they ran out of time. What a load.

    I’m surprised Burkie didn’t challenge him on the fact that Bob was calling for him to be fired in November.

    I’m not suggesting that it should have been confrontational but how about some questions that addressed day-to-day issues.

    How about asking them what advice they would give each other?