Toronto Sports Media Presidential Summit And More

So I finally got the chance to listen to Bob Mccown and the Prime Time Sports Presidential Summit. In case you missed it, Mccown hosted the head honcho’s from the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs for an hour long sit in.

The interview wasn’t at all what I expected. I really thought Mccown would rise to the occasion, bring his A game and conduct an excellent in studio interview with the 3 faces of the biggest franchises in Toronto.

Don’t get me wrong, the interview wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t all that interesting. The 3 guys seemed to get along okay, it just didn’t really sound like they wanted to be there all that much. Mccown, took the personal route, asking about date nights, their ability to deal with tough losses etc. There weren’t any difficult question, or moments where you sat back and said wow this is cool.

To his credit Bob had the guys at ease, they each answered the questions asked, but at the beginning Mccown said he only had a few questions and that he hoped that there would be lots of dialogue between the 3 big wigs. That never happened.

The highlight was when the 4 revealed they each have birthdays in the same month and when Colangelo suggested that they celebrate together at the House of Chan.

I guess my problem with the interview was that I had great hopes for it and when it ended I wasn’t the least bit disappointed, I wasn’t looking for more.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, did anyone catch James Cybulski’s interview with Bryan Colangelo? It was really good. Not as good as the in studio session with Burke, but really good.

Doesn’t happen all that often that I agree with Bruce Dowbiggin, his latest piece on Don Cherry though is bang on. Having said that, one would think that one who blasted bloggers for not having editors to fact check wouldn’t write the following:

“The battle for big-name guests between Sportsnet Fan 960 and the startup TSN1050 is on, so give props to Fan 960 for organizing the Toronto presidential summit on Monday with the presidents of the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs and Raptors joining Bob McCown on Primetime Sports.”

Hard to believe thatthat would pass muster with an editor. “




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