Sports Media World Lost A Great One

For every nhl goalie turned broadcaster that you want to hang from the rafters every time they open their mouth, there was one player turned broadcaster who did it right. Jim ‘The Mad Dog’ Mandich was a phenomenal color guy on Miami Dolphins radio and a really fun radio talk show host too. I know everyone in the GTA seems to think this is Bills country, but I grew up a dolphins fan and when I was living in Miami for 3 years I was a proud season ticket holder and listened regularly to the Mad Dog radio show on MQAM. Jim was no BS. You knew exactly where he stood. He loved Michigan football, the Dolphins, his family and it seemed from listening to him, life in general.

When I was in SoFla Mandich was part of a lineup that included Joe Rose, Neil Rogers and Hank Goldberg. It was some of the best sports radio I’ve ever heard. Neil Rogers passed earlier this year. Mandich has joined him in the big stadium in the sky. It’s really too bad for dolphins fans as Mandich was a gem. He had more scripted one liners that just never got tired.

The Miami Herald had a great tribute to Mandich today which you can read here.

“On Tuesday night, Bokamper recalled one of his favorite Mandich radio moments. During one particular game, Mandich wouldn’t stop criticizing the conditions caused by a muddy baseball infield during a rainy game at the Dolphins’ stadium.

During a commercial break, then-owner Wayne Huizenga heard enough. So he marched up to the broadcast booth to tell Mandich to settle down. When the broadcast returned, one of Mandich’s fellow broadcasters brought up Huizenga’s visit on the air.

“If (Huizenga) wants me to stand up here in pasties and a g-string and sing God Bless America, I’ll do it,” Mandich replied.”

Mandich hates the Bills and the city of Buffalo. He said at a recent outing, “I was in Buffalo this weekend, that god forsaken city. I gave the lady at the front desk of my hotel a $100 bill and asked her to please give me a room with no view”.

Years ago Neil Rogers had a tribute to Mandich, someone was kind enough to post it on youtube. Listen to the very end. I am pretty sure he was loaded when he was on the air at times! Don’t listen at the office unless your on headphones

Mad dog was a great one. Many of those aspiring athlete turned broadcasters could have learned a ton from a real pro like Jim Mandich.

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