Time For NHL To Shut Up On Goldwater

How long has it been on the Coyotes saga exactly? Is Judge Baum still on the bench or has he been replaced by Joseph A Walpner? The stories get nuttier and nuttier every day, and yet Bettman Inc. wonders why the MSMers are even covering it. The reason for the all the coverage is the lack of transparency” by the league.

“NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday night that the conservative Goldwater Institute “has placed a cloud on the bonds” needed to complete the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer.

“I quite frankly don’t know who the people there report to or are accountable to,” Bettman said, “but it fascinates me that whoever is running the Goldwater Institute can actually substitute their judgment for that of the Glendale City Council by, in effect, overturning a duly enacted resolution of the city and one that was enacted in public session.”

That from ESPN.com on March 9th.

It gets better, remember?

“This situation is far too serious for such game play,” Bettman said. “My hope is somehow Goldwater and Glendale can find a way to get this done, promptly.”

“Based on what we have been told by the bond underwriters, the market for these bonds — solely because of the Goldwater threat — has been impacted,” Bettman said. “In light of their conduct in this matter, I question whether this is really an organization that is concerned with the public interest despite a mission statement that calls for expanding free enterprise and support for the public interest.”

Fast forward to last week when Bettman was on the Sportnet Fan 590:

“And I hope we’re successful. Obviously when the Goldwater Institute killed the deal, it was a huge setback. Nobody expected them to do that. We didn’t think it was right that they did it, but the focus is still on making it work.”

So today what’s the league saying?????

“We believe Goldwater has become irrelevant to the process. We do not expect Goldwater to change its position,” Daly said. “We will have to move on without them.”


I thought they killed the deal?

Or does this simply mean that Bettman is going to pull another rabbit out of the hat?

Honestly, raise your hands out there, say Bettman somehow gets this deal to close, how many of you think this is the last we hear of financial problems with this hockey franchise?

The bottom line is this, if the league doesn’t understand why this is a big story they should be ashamed. If they want to stop all the banter and snickering they should just shut up on the whole issue. Don’t say a word. Every time they do they look like asses.

Remember the man who did his best to ruin the city of Toronto David The Garbage Strike Miller? Well the St. Clair Right Of Way Guru just can’t keep his yap shut either:

“Are you personally in favour of the transfer of MLSE’s 66% ownership from the Teachers’ Pension Plan to new ownership?
“Personally I was never one who opposed the MLSE, also because the economic commitment to sport, on their part, has never been lacking. The problem however is that the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is only interested in pension investments and not to build a winning team. That’s why I’m in favour of a sale.”

So moronic even for the former mayor. Riddle me this batman, it is said that in the last year the Maple Leafs made the playoffs MLSE was putting 1m in to it’s pocket for each and every home game hosted at the ACC. In all the years that the Leafs haven’t made the playoffs it hasn’t been for lack of spending, it’s been for piss poor management decisions that have pushed the team further and further away from the playoffs (See the JFJ era). I am told that the Canucks currently put 2m in to their back pockets for every home date. I have to assume that the Leafs would make at least that over the years, if not way more. So in the way too many years the buds have gone without a trip to the playoffs MLSE couldn’t have used an extra 4+ million dollar added to the bottom line? If they only hosted 2 home games each of the last 6 years they would have made an extra 12m!!! Do pension funds typically like to leave that type of cash on the table? Anyone else still wondering why our city is in the shambles that it is ?

Sorry for the lack of posting of late. To be honest, there was nothing that caught my eye over the weekend. Seriously, maybe it was not having my kids around, but it was the most vanilla weekend in Toronto sports memory since some time last summer I would guess. I happened to be in the car for a good chunk of the morning drive this am and again for the drive home this evening. My initial impressions of the TSN Radio lineup remains intact. Richards in the morning is okay. When Brady and Lang go off on a topic that I have no interest in it’s a good alternative. Personally, I have yet to hear one of Richards moments of humour that I heard so much about. The lyrics to a song he played to intro Dan Shulman wasn’t funny in any way shape or form. When I turned on the radio he played a good 3 minutes of some nhl play by play guy screaming goal calls to the Cats midnight song. Like most SNL skits it went about 90% too long. Having said that, he knows his guests and allows them to do all the heavy lifting. He knows enough to shut up to let them talk, all without not one single what say you.

In the afternoon, Cybulski and Co are getting better each and every day. No, they aren’t on par with Mccown’s PTS. They are however a great alternative. For me personally there are many times on a given show when I am just not interested in listening to what he has on. It’s not bad radio, it’s just not my taste. Cybulski, when he settles down is a good interviewer and as a consumer I really enjoy the choice.

Lastly, why exactly is 640 still running the Watters show?



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April 27, 2011 1:56 am

Here’s hoping MSLE just hurrys up and sells to whom ever…this is really sicking the way they go about thier busniess…Listened to both morning Richards was a lot to do about nothing Brady /Lang are still my first choice…and PTS is miles ahead in the PM drive shows …TSN has given me no reason to switch over..

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
April 27, 2011 8:25 am

“Based on what we have been told by the bond underwriters, the market for these bonds — solely because of the Goldwater threat — has been impacted”

McCown has been saying that this is 100% false. the bonds have not sold because they are not an attractive buy on their own merits, and not because of the threat of litigation. a lawsuit would simply mean a refund for investors, according to Bob.

whether this is accurate or not, Bettman’s blaming of GWI for the situation in Phoenix is risible and unbecoming. if the team cannot survive without $100 million in public subsidies then it should leave for a better market.

somehow Bettman put the NHL in the position of having to advocate for an undeserving market, and he has been strung along in the process by local politics and politicians. i can’t see any of the other commissioners conducting their business with such a lack of power.

Gerry (Burlington)
Gerry (Burlington)
April 27, 2011 8:27 am

Given the last 8 years in the NHL with various owners whom have run out of money, found themselves guilty of fraud or even heading to jail (2 Buffalo owners ago), you would think by now the NHL would want to make sure that new owners going forward have solid financial backing. It is clear that whatever money Hulsizer has is not going to be invested in this team. It is also clear that this franchise cannot make money. Barring 3 consecutive years of 2-3 rounds in the playoffs this team loses money. Yet the NHL is adamant that they make this deal work. Given there is a new NBC/Comcast deal, which is valid even if Atlanta/Phoenix are no longer there, it is beyond understanding why they insist on making this deal happen. I recognize Bettman is a stubborn man and does not want to look like he made a mistake going there, but I have to believe other owners in the league are tired of subsidizing this team.

As for MLSE sale of franchise, I can’t see how that will impact the on ice product. I understand fans want a face to channel their anger/happiness towards, but MSLE have not been short of spending on this team. If perhaps Rogers buys MLSE they haven’t exactly turned the BlueJays into contenders since acquiring that property. And if they do start to become contenders more credit must go to mgmt. and the possiblity of more playoff teams in baseball next year.

mike (in boston)
mike (in boston)
April 27, 2011 8:29 am

also, after the recent cringe-inducing Colin Campbell, Bettman, and Daly radio interviews i wonder what the NHL owners think of their public representatives. i can’t imagine anyone hearing those and thinking that the league comes across as professional or in control of its business.

April 27, 2011 10:26 am

First of all, the 100 million is not a publicy subsicy because it will be paid back through parking.

The Goldwater’s threat of a lawsuit is what killed the bond sale, not because of a fear of losing litigation but the fact that the money would be tied up in court is what killed it. If there was no GWI this deal would have closed in early February.

It’s one groups opinion of a deal and it certainly isn’t fact. The Goldwater Institute, other than winning a case for a Tattoo Parlor has yet to win any single piece of litigation.

I think it should actually be the other way around, the Canadian media needs to shut up about Goldwater. I swear to god I think you guys are going to erect a statue of Darcy Olsen in the city center of Winnipeg.

Gerry (Burlington)
Gerry (Burlington)
April 27, 2011 11:03 am

Mike – As a passionate Hockey fan living in Canada we take huge interest in news that pertains to the NHL. As a former Winnipegger myself, I have particular interest in how this whole story plays out. I don’t understand why it appears you take issue with the Canadian Sports Media following this story.

It is hard to find any of the Major Professional Sports in North America where a league has jumped through so many hoops to maintain a team in a market that has given no indication it will support that team. Just two seasons ago the Sonics were taken from Seattle with the league doing virtually nothing to support that market. The Cleveland Browns were allowed to walk away from Cleveland, and only years later were they allowed to repurchase a franchise. There just seems something very odd to this Phoenix situation, irregardless of where this franchise ends up playing its games, the whole dog and pony show does nothing to lend credibility to the Management of this League.

Appreciate reading your opinion, and hopefully this mess in Glendale will soon be completed one way or the other.

Rob in Aurora
Rob in Aurora
April 27, 2011 11:05 am

Someone needs to ask Bettman how this mess he’s created and living with in Phoenix is preferable to Jim Ballsillie buying that team?

The NHL has made fools of themselves getting into bed with the Boots DelBiaggios (and several other crooks as noted in an earlier comment) – or he has selected owners with some money, but not quite enough to make an NHL team work in Montreal (!)…Bettman looks clueless and when he’s challenged all he can do is get angry at the media. Anger is a “last resort” emotion – We get angry because there are things we loose control over – so we lash out (We get angry at our politicians or our kids because we lose control what they do, right? We get angry at traffic jams for the same reason) Bettmans’ anger is very telling. If he were a capable commissioner, he would not need to show anger.

April 27, 2011 4:36 pm

Lastly, why exactly is 640 still running the Watters show?


I’m guessing because they have NHL playoff rights. Once the playoffs end, so will the show.

April 27, 2011 5:07 pm

While you’re chronicling genius MLSE business decisions, don’t forget the insane lease they’re locked into at Ricoh. I think Craig Button said they were bleeding $4m a year instead of making the $1-$2m they ‘projected.’

Call me crazy, but being wrong $6m without a single event or variable changing (i.e. no disaster, no change in trends, no nuthin) is pretty…what’s the word I’m looking for here. Governmentish?

As for PTS and Cybulski & Co, I completely agree — the latter is getting better each day. The former is becoming unbearable at times. Before listening to Bob banter aimlessly with FOB was barely tolerable — like where Bob likes to golf or whether Bob liked his lunch that day or maybe whether Bob thinks Mary Ann was hotter than Ginger or whatever. But now I can press a button and — my God — actually hear SPORTS CONVERSATION.

It’s not as witty as Bob (he’s unmatched when it comes to zingers) but its qualitatively better. More please.

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