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Those of you who have followed this site regularly know that I have a few passions. Sports, Toronto Sport, Sports Media are the obvious ones. You know that I love the travel industry, especially the cruise industry, my kids and of course I am a foodie. Not the snobby Toronto Life foodie, but the kind that likes to eat (and cook) good food. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I tweet about great and not so great food all the time.

So, after talking about burgers a lot recently, I thought it was a good time to start actually recording my thoughts as I try the various burger joints in the GTA.

Today I tried The Gourmet Burger Co. on Yonge street just north of Eglinton.

To be fair, when I say I tried, I usually have a trust companion with me. He’s a Brit, so he tends to be a bit more snobby than I, but we usually agree on Burgers.

So Gourmet is the first burger that we’ve tried after our especially brutal trip to M:Burger (review to follow). It’s in a good location, parking is relatively easy, there is a Future Shop lot across the street. It’s a decent sized place, lots of room to eat on the spot and the guys working the counter told us that they have a 10 seat patio outside when the weather is good.

Ordering is pretty simple, they have a handful of signature burgers or you can custom create your own. They have regular beef burgers, chicken (breast) burgers, lamb burgers and a vegetarian burger. While I don’t see it on the take home menu I seem to recall a fish burger too (but I could be wrong). The a la carte burgers are reasonable priced at $5.50, $5.95, $6.75 and $5.75 per. Unlike other spots, they don’t kill you with the price of the toppings, most are free, the specialty ones are only $1.

I went for one of their Signature Burgers, the Spicey Cajun Burger which has lettuce, tomato (not for me), avocado, jalapenos, Havarti, Cajun spice &smokey chipolte & honey mayo all for $5.95. What a bargain!

My friend, let’s just call him William (he is British after all) went for the Aussie Burger, which has lettuce, tomato, fried egg, pineapple, bacon, beets, regular cheese and their house sauce all for $8.50 (the similar burger at M:Burger would run you close to $20)

We shared an order of fries and William wanted some poutine too.

So, here’s our take. The owner was there and he and the guy who served us couldn’t have been any nicer. Explained everything, took good care of us etc. The service was great. The restaurant itself is spotless. Not that I would, but you could eat off the floor.

Now the burgers.

The Burgers as sculpted were great. Everything on the burger was fresh. They are using good, quality products on their burgers. The buns are fresh, the veggies are all the right color and as a whole the burger tasted really good. Personally, I prefer the more traditional bun, which tends to be a little sweeter but that’s me. The actual burger itself is where Gourmet is weak. It’s not the best burger in terms of quality of the beef. Its a pre-cut patty and it tastes like it. It’s a step above Harvey’s, and certainly the Burger Shack, but there are better patties in Toronto. So, if your a traditional cheese burger or hamburger lover, I wouldn’t suggest the Gourmet Burger Co. for you. However, if you like the funky, kitchen sink burgers it’s great. Seriously, its really good. I would take my kids there in a minute too and it’s priced right.

I thought the fries were good, not the best I’ve ever had, but better than most. WIlliam was impressed with the Poutine, and while I am not a huge Poutine lover I thought they were pretty good too.

All in all I recommend the Gourmet Burger Co. as long as your not going for a standard burger/cheeseburger in which case you can do better.



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