Toronto Sports Media April’s Radio Ratings

So here are some very unofficial numbers for those who are interested in the Toronto Sports Radio scene. These are for the month of April only and are what I am told are rough estimates only.

With respect to the TSN 1050 numbers, they represent only the 12 days they were on the station. Now, keep in mind TSN went from live simulcasting of CP24 to TSN radio. Also keep in mind the way the ratings work. Ratings are captured by people meters (PPM’s). it’s a device you have to wear and it records audio every time the audio around you changes. So if you are listening to a station and flip channels it will record that change. The sample size of the PPM’s, that is the number of people in the GTA actually wearing them is small to begin with. Then take into account that we are only really considering 2 key demographics, men, aged 25-54 and men, again, aged 18-34. I don’t know what the total number of people who have PPM’s are that fit those demographics, but I am told it’s less than 200 for sure.

Having said all of that, it’s the only system we have, so it is what it is. The few times I have talked to PD’s about ratings they always tell me the same thing; it’s never about one book, it’s about the trend. As you will see, the Fan trend is good. In fact it’s very good. Having said that, 12 days does not a trend make. Are TSN numbers low? Yes. Is anyone surprised? No. If in 6-12 months they are this low then there is something to talk about.

Here are the numbers:

In the male 25-54 demographic:

Total audience share audience from 5am – 1am 7 days a week is the highest ratings Sportsnet Fan 590 has had in 2 years, this puts them 8th in the Toronto market place. They earned a 6.3 in terms of share, up from a 5.2

Brady & Lang 7 share from a 7.3

Head 2:head vs Richards for 13 days 7.1 : 1.1

Jeff Blair 6.6 from a 6.9

Vs. Bryan Hayes 7.1 : Hayes 1

Hockey Central 6.4 from a 6.8

Vs. That’s Hockey 7.8 : that’s hockey 0.5

Andrew Kryatal 5.5 from a 5.4

Vs. Dan Patrick 5.5 : DP 2.2

PTS 9.8 from a 7.9

Vs. Cybuslki & Co. 11.7: Cybulski 1.2

7pm -10pm 4.8 months up from a 2.5

Vs. Tatti 4.6: Tatti 0.7

10pm-1a 3.9 from 1.4

Vs TSN Radio 4.5 : TSN 0.1

Total audience share in that demo 590: 6 vs TSN :1

The numbers for 590 are equally as dominant in the 18-34 range

10pm 1a (18-34) 11.2

I am trying to get 640 ratings for the Watters show.



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