Friday Toronto Sports Media Talk

Yours truly spent a good chunk of the day in a hockey rink as little TSM kicked off his AA career today in a spring tournament. We ended the day with a very pleasant tie and a win. Day two kicks off tomorrow at 8am.

In any event, on the way home from the rink I caught a good bit of PTS with Bob Mccown, Damien Cox, Stephen Brunt and John Shannon(who slaughtered Andrew Krystal in my poll btw). 2 Topics caught my interest; the first was twitter/Damian Goddard, the second was Trashers/Coyotes/CBA/NHL future.

The Twitter debate was pretty interesting. Cox and Shannon are tweeters. Brunt and Mccown aren’t. It was interesting to hear 4 sports guys talk about Twitter. It really tells you something when Shannon and Cox say things like Twitter is such a new phenomenon and how much it has changed in the last year. Mccown saying that he would only do it if he got paid to was pretty telling too. Hearing that at times Shannon texts Cox to “stop it” after some of Damian’s tweets was pretty insightful as well.

The Goddard part was very interesting. The day before Mccown said to Brunt that he didn’t really know the grounds under which Rogers could have terminated Goddard. Brunt, replied almost right out of my post on Goddard that Goddard’s twitter page was so littered with Sportsnet references that the common person with whom the law regularly relies upon as a standard, couldn’t be expected to comprehend that it was a personal twitter account and not corporate. Mccown instantly accepted that as one of his producers likely showed him Goddard’s page.

It was interesting to hear all of the guests opinion on Goddard and his termination. Kudos to Mccown for going there when the subject matter involved his very own company. I thought his question, can one be fired for what one tweets when part of ones job is to tweet, was an excellent one.

The second topic, the current state of the NHL with respect to finance was great. Mccown has been beating the economic sky is falling in the NHL for years. His point this evening that the failure of the last CBA was the minimum salary floor was insightful. But for the floor, Mccown argued, the NHL wouldn’t be in this position. True dat. Mccown asked why or who ever thought it was a good idea to ever have a floor. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t this a demand of the NHLPA? Wasn’t an argument about the cap that a team could spend whatever it wanted below the cap, therefore keeping the cap at a lower amount. The PA wanted the floor to ensure that teams had to spend a minimum amount to keep teams competitive. Again, I am pretty sure that was a demand by the PA.

Almost without exception the talking heads agreed that the last lockout was as it seems now a complete waste of time but for getting rid of Bob Goodenow. All the things that were supposed to happen as a result of the lockout, from a financial standpoint haven’t they said. Teams like the Blue Jackets lost $25m this year and $80m since the lockout. Franchise values for many teams has declined, not increased we were told. Cox, wrote an article about this very topic earlier in the week suggesting that this league could very will be on the road to another lockout, with this one being much more severe than the last. Fehr was brought in to fight and the league will be looking for another rollback and a reduction in the cap amount and the percentage of hockey revenue the players would be entitled to share.

It was great when one of the guys asked what cap amount would make sense given the current economic of the league and the response he received was $35m. The retort to that was that there would be no way the PA would accept that low a number. True dat, but just like the players wouldn’t have accepted a cap without a guarantee that some of the cheaper teams would have to spend up to a minimum.

The 45 minutes or hour I listened was really good. It’s was a nice change for a Friday afternoon.

Condolences to the family of New York Rangers Derek Boogaard’s. Derek was a very young 28 when he died today. Another brutal reminder to all of us of just how good we all have it and how fragile life is. If you have kids or parents take a minute and be thankful.



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