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Happy Saturday am to you all. Little TSM’s team won again this morning so off to the semi-finals we go this afternoon!

So, many of you have asked if I knew what Damien Cox and Mccown were alluding to when they talked about Damien being sued or threatened with a law suit yesterday on the EPIC edition of PTS.

The answer is, of course I do. Those of you who’ve been coming here for some time do too. Way back on October 8th I told you that Bruce Dowbiggin had sent Damien Cox a letter of his intent to sue for comment made on twitter. You can read the story here

Well, Damien is at it again this morning, launching perhaps one of the greatest tweets I have ever seen to Al Strachan. Damien has been tweeting about Derek Boogaard ‘s untimely death. Apparently Damien has been receiving some tweets from the pro fighting lobbyists in response to some of his own tweets about Boogaard. Well, Al Strachan, who in my opinion is one of the worst sports writers Toronto has ever seen took a pot shot at Damien and Damien returned with a flame thrower:

Strachan: @DamoSpin You’re the one who started the furor by linking the death to the concussion. Now you’re telling everyone to wait for infomation.
Cox: @winsford99 Nope, wrong again. Still same old crap from you. Its not my fault you got drummed out of the business.

Gold – pure gold

By the way, your must read of the day is from Mike Russo on the death of Boogard which you can read here.

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