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    mike (in boston) 8 years ago

    This has nothing to do with a press conference. Whether or not that happens tomorrow is immaterial in my mind. That wasn’t the story, at least not to me. The story was that it was done.

    to my mind these are two parts of the same thing: you only have a press conference when you have a deal to announce. the fact that there is no press conference is further evidence that the deal is not yet done.

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    Gerry (Burlington) 8 years ago

    Very Interesting, in reading Bruce’s article last night, it was extremely limited in content. And while I am not a fan of Bruce, he does normally have a couple of topics in his articles. Yesterday was a very vague story with little evidence of Hughson being a homer, which is really nothing new to talk about. And then a real stretch of a story regarding Cherry/Pound/Oxy/Booze. If indeed the meat of his story was ripped out by the Globe that seems very believable. Why else would he not even put a brief one liner in about it. It is an impossible story to omit as a sports media critic. Hopefully somebody has the full story from viewing it and can get it out.