Just How Dominant Are The Maple Leafs In Toronto?

While listening to Hockey Central at noon today with Kypreos and TAKE A WALK I was talking to another MSMer about the sheer dominance of the Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto. We were talking about how difficult it is for Jose Bautista to get love south of the border and he asked me what would it take to get Bautista on the cover of SI. Unfortunately, you know where this is going right, it would take either breaking a record or getting busted for PEDS.

Let’s not go into the whole PED debate.

So the discussion continued and I was asked or told that if Bautista did get busted for PEDs it would be bigger than Burke tying the can to Ron Wilson right now. I disagreed and said that if Brian Burke fired Ron Wilson (no rumour here folks, just saying IF) tomorrow and at the same time Bautista got busted for PEDs the Ron Wilson story would be front and centre here in Toronto. I did however say that the Bautista story would be on the cover of the USA Today the next day and lead the ESPN sportscenter shows while playing second fiddle to the Wilson story here. So….. What say you?

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