Would Toronto Support An All Sports Daily Newspaper?

Back in the day in the good old USA there was a daily sports newspaper called The National. Using the Wall Street Journal as a print and distribution partner and Frank Deford serving as editor in chief it ran in the early 1990’s for only a couple of years. Personally, I loved it. This was before every paper was on Al Gore’s internet and when I was in the USA it was a great way to get a national perspective on sports other than the McPaper- USA TODAY. Maybe that’s why they called it the National.

Several sources have told me this week that a couple of individuals have done more than kick the tires at a local Starbucks to discuss the notion of publishing an all sports daily newspaper here in Toronto. While this is far from being a done deal, I am told that the possibility is legit. The idea I am told is to publish at legit. The plan would be to publish at least 5 days a week and also have an extensive web offering. The pitch to me was to create the pre-eminent sports portal in Toronto from both an online and offline perspective.

I am told that no writers have been approached, but the belief is that there are sufficient deep pockets involved that drawing top level quality won’t be a problem. I repeat again that this isn’t a done deal, but only in advanced discussion stages.

What do you think, would Toronto support an All Sports Daily Newspaper?

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