Is Atlanta To Winnipeg Really Done?

There are those of you out there who will say that Stephen Brunt was right, that he broke this story. But I digress.

Like they say in the world of American football, “On any given Tuesday.”

Brunt, to his credit does the story right today:

“Just a technicality, that – like the ones lawyers have been ironing out for the past week and a half, after the owners of the Atlanta Thrashers agreed to sell their team to Mark Chipman and David Thomson, whose family company is controlling shareholder of the Globe and Mail.. ”

Damn technicalities right, they f everything up all the time.

“On May 20, the Atlanta owners and the potential Winnipeg owners agreed on a term sheet and framework for the sale, and stakeholders were put on alert to expect a press conference the following Tuesday. Some of those directly involved in the deal were prepared to declare it done.”

Clearly, one of those “directly involved” was giddy enough to call Brunt & “declare it done”.


Now pay attention because all you need to know is in the next paragraph from Brunt:

“But when that story went public, and Winnipeggers immediately began dancing in the streets, others became nervous, because t’s remained to be crossed and i’s dotted – and if there’s one thing a potential NHL owner isn’t supposed to do, it is cause the league and its commissioner embarrassment, or duress, or create public confusion as to who is in charge of the process. ”

T’s weren’t crosed and I’s weren’t dotted. Sorry, but done isn’t done until they are, or in sports talk, until the Fat Lady has sung.

So, today is the day. Done is mostly done, all that is missing is the board of governors vote. Hard to believe they couldn’t jump on a conference call to speed this up but….again I digress.

The harsh reality is that the Thrashers haven’t had a chance at survival for years. The minute the Atlanta Spirit had this franchise forced upon them the moving trucks should have been called. Their failure to make the post season this year was the ultimate death blow. Every single reliable person I spoke with who looked at the books said no one in their right mind would touch this deal. Everyone who did with an interest at keeping them in Atlanta turned out to be as I was told, not more than a tire kicker. Will that white knight appear before the BOG meeting? Never say never I guess.

I will try to prepare a best of coverage story for you tonight on all the coverage.

Meanwhile, without question the BEST, and I mean BEST story I have read on the whole Jets, Thrashers and Moose oh my story comes from Puck Daddy over at Yahoo!. A phenomenal timeline of stories on the exodus from Winnipeg to the return. A must read for those into the whole business of sports thing. You can read it here.

There is lots going on with Toronto Sports Media. So far just talk and plans. Hopefully good, or at least interesting news to share soon.

Have a great Tuesday, while I suffer in the dentists chair.



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