Setting The Record Straight

What a wild day it’s been. Tons going on and at times it was hard to know which way was up. No excuse. Just the facts.

Having said that. I posted about the firing of Howard Berger, at about 1:30pm. Shortly after that one of my loyal reader posted a comment that Roger Lajoie has tweeted that he too had been fired:

“From his latest tweet, it does appear that Lajoie has been let go as well.”

I hadn’t heard that from any of my sources and I left it alone.

Moments later, I started to get pings on my blackberry that Lajoie had been fired as well.

I thought that very odd and checked Roger’s twitter account. It read:

“OK…deep breath and off to the next challenge. It’s the journey not the destination – so time to start another one. Let’s roll.”

I immediately called several sources to see what the hell was going on. I found it odd that I hadn’t heard that when I was given a direct quote on Berger. Not being able to reach them I tweeted:

“No confirmation, but looks from roger lajoie tweets is gone from the fan 590 too @TheRog590”

Minutes later, and I mean, MINUTES, as I was still getting pings from outside sources that it WAS true (they all thought the same thing from his own tweet) I got a call saying it WASN’T true. I immediately tweeted:

“Roger lajoie has Not, I repeat, not been fired”

Several hours later Roger tweeted the following to me:

“@yyzsportsmedia Not correct – don’t know where you got that from I’m still at The Fan”

The minute I saw that, I retweeted it and tried to send him a direct message explaining, unfortunately he doesn’t follow me.

So, there you have the events as they unfolded.

I take full responsibility for what happened. It is my fault and mine only. Roger, I hope you accept this apology.



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