Toronto Sports Media Sports Radio Lineups

Here’s are your drive home lineups

On Fan 590 Tonight-

– Jeff Blair’s co-host from 5 to 7 is Stephen Brunt
– draft pick and Bc’s own Tom Robson

On TSN Radio 1050

Bryan Hayes’s Co-Host – Darren Andrade

Kemba Walker – UCONN
James Duthie – NHL on TSN
Bob McKenzie – TSN Hockey Insider
Krys Barch – Forward, Dallas Stars
Rick Welts – President, Phoenix Suns

On 640 with Jim Ralph and Bill Watters thanks to Mike S.:

4:40 – John Forslund (Carolina Hurricanes play-by-play)
5:05 – Scott Morrison (HNIC Playoff Insider)
5:25 – Greg Millen (Leafs TV)
6:05 – Brian Duff (NHL Network Playoff Insider)
6:25 – Craig Hartsburg (Calgary Flames Assistant Coach)

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June 7, 2011 6:36 pm

Hey TSM,

Any chance you can start adding the WGR 550 lineup for both the morning drive (The Howard Simon Show) and afternoon drive (Schopp and the Bulldog)? Since the WGR schedule is available in the GTA, it would really round out the sports lineup you provide.

Mike S
Mike S
June 7, 2011 7:29 pm

The drive home show on 550 has very few guests so I don’t know if it would be worth having TSM post their lineup each day…………..the show is 4 hours long and quite often they have only a couple of guests…………..I try to catch Jerry Sullivan each week…………he is on for an hour every Monday at 5:00 PM

The Fonz
The Fonz
June 7, 2011 11:38 pm

No mention from Brunt or Blair today about how they talked about the Vancouver-Boston series as a done deal, with Vancouver being the certain Cup champions. Not saying Boston is going to win this, but they did seem a little foolish referring to Vancouver as Cup Champion-elect several hours before they were pasted 8-1.

June 8, 2011 9:51 am


I feel like you are confusing Brunt’s “done deal” declaration about Winnipeg with….predictions?

Almost every single analyst and radio host makes predictions like this weekly. Do we really need to have them all come on and apologize for uh, giving their opinion (their job)?

And in this case its a bit more crazy to pick on those 2 when 29475/29478 actual “hockey pucks” analysts made the same prediction.

If you really want to nitpick something, pretty sure I heard Brady and Richie Rich both predicting a sweep – now that must REALLY grind your gears.

p.s. By any chance are you a boston fan

The Fonz
The Fonz
June 8, 2011 11:36 pm

For the sake of full disclosure, I am a Zdeno Chara fan. 🙂 I wasn’t looking for an apology from Blair and Brunt, just a quick “boy were we wrong”.

I should say that Brunt very rarely gets on my nerves, he is one of the few reasons I listen to sports radio.

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