Interesting Choice Of Words In Burke Story

So here I am watching the NBA finals, yes me, watching the NBA on tv, flipping through websites catching up on my reading when I read the following in the Globe and Mail:

“Burke was quick to clarify his role in the proceedings, using media friends to describe his role as “procedural” and adding that he was not asked for an opinion on the matter. Murphy indicated he spoke with Burke because of his experience in the job, and because he is unable to confer with Campbell.”

Now, I realize I was in the dentists chair for a solid 2 hours today (yes I am the world’s biggest anti-dentite) and I haven’t read or seen everything yet, but I hadn’t heard Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke making the rounds today, at least not post suspension.

In case you missed it too, Mike Murphy, who’s over-sized signature hangs on the wall at the worst arena in town- Rinx in the Dufferin/Lawrence area- admitted in a public forum that he consulted with Brian Burke (amongst others) in trying to handle the Nathan Horton head shot issue from last nights game.

Understandably, mentioning Burke’s name to a Canucks fan around such an important issue would add serious fuel to the fire. Clearly not the best time for Murphy to all up front and honest. What struck be about the above quote was the blatant shot at members in the MSM for being “friends”with Burke.

Of course I was immediately interested in whom the Globe and Mail thinks are Burke’s media friends and turned to my trusted friend Google to see what I could find.

“Burke told Sun Media via e-mail on Tuesday that he would not respond to “unnamed sources” critiquing his role on Tuesday, repeating it was strictly a procedural discussion he had with Murphy.”

That from the Toronto Sun was really all I could find at this hour. Is Lance Hornby the lone friend of Burke here or are there more being insinuated?

Maybe it’s nothing, but it’s hard for me to imagine that a good writer like Matthew Sekeres(who’s work I really like) would put the friends of Burke point in his story with a very specific reason. What that reason is, remains a mystery to me right now.


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